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Ewing Councilman David Schroth.

Ewing councilman to challenge Mironov for county chair

David Schroth wants the run Mercer County’s Democratic party

By Nikita Biryukov, July 16 2020 7:55 pm

Ewing Councilman David Schroth will run against East Windsor Mayor Janice Mironov for control of the Mercer County Democratic Party.

“I firmly believe in working with everyone to achieve our collective goals, and there is no doubt in my mind we can do so. Together as a team,” Schroth wrote in a letter to Mercer’s committee people. “I ask for your vote for county chair.”

Schroth is the son of late Trenton City Council President David Schroth, who also served as a New Jersey Superior Court judge.

The challenge comes after consecutive years of Democratic victories in Mercer that have removed almost all Republicans from office in the county.

After wins in Hamilton and Hopewell, Hightstown Councilman Lee Stults is the last remaining Republican officeholder in Mercer County who was elected in a partisan race. He is not seeking another term. Instead, Republicans are putting up James Eufemia, who lost a race for Hightstown Council two-to-one last year. for the seat.

“My vision for the Mercer County Democrats is of a transparent, united and inclusive party. Out of many, a stronger group. It is a vision where the operative word is ‘We’ not ‘Me,’” Schroth said. “Everyone must be listened to, heard, understood and respected. Disagreements are inevitable. But the Democratic party is a big tent party.”

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