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Morris County Freeholder Tom Mastrangelo

Mastrangelo wants DeFilippis out

GOP freeholder wants county chairman gone

By Nikita Biryukov, November 13 2019 11:53 am

Morris County Freeholder Tom Mastrangelo called for County GOP Chairman Ron DeFilippis and other members of the county’s Republican leadership to resign Wednesday.

“I am calling for the resignation of our party leadership. As the Morris County Republican Party will meet to select officials to serve in positions left vacant in this past election, the time is right and the need to replace misguided and ineffective leadership is even more necessary,” Mastrangelo said. “It is time to rebuild our caucus from the ground up, lest we continue to lose positions on the national and local stage.”

DeFilippis, who was elected by just four votes in 2018, was a close ally of Donald Dinsmore, who mounted a primary challenge against Mastrangelo and his two running mates earlier this year.

The Republican chairman made no endorsements in the primary, as is the practice in Morris, a count where Democrats have just recently begun to claw away small portions of Republican control

Mastrangelo has problems with Morris County’s new chairman aside from DeFilippis’ ties to his once opponents.

“This is particularly vexing when the Morris County Republican Committee failed to raise funds or provide meaningful support to the Republican candidates in the general election,” Mastrangelo said. “In the past, we could count on the Chairman and the Committee to provide funding as well as volunteers to support the Republican cause in November. This year the support was minimal and left most people wondering what had happened to our Grand Old Party.”

DeFilippis is likely vulnerable to a challenge. Since he narrowly won his post at the head of the party last June, Morris Republicans have lost two House seats and a handful of seats at the local level.

Don’t expect Mastrangelo to back the chairman for another term.

“We need true party leaders: consensus builders and those that can effectively and efficiently articulate an intelligent platform based on our shared values,” the freeholder said. “In today’s negatively-charged political environment, voters are tired of nastiness and petty character assassinations too prevalent in our seemingly endless campaign seasons.”

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