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Atlantic City Council President Marty Small

Marty Small has lengthy arrest record

New Atlantic City mayor has never been convicted

By Nikita Biryukov, October 18 2019 5:33 pm

Atlantic City’s new mayor has a lengthy arrest record dating back more than 25 years.

Mayor Marty Small, who took office earlier this month after Mayor Frank Gilliam resigned following his arrest on wire fraud charges, has never been convicted of a crime but has been charged or arrested at least 14 times since 1993.

Small’s earliest arrests were for allegedly selling narcotics near a school. Then in 1999, he was indicted on assault and disorderly person charges.

Those arrests, which totaled five criminal charges, all occurred before Small took office as an Atlantic City councilman, but the bulk of Small’s previous arrests came after he became an elected official.

He was indicted on numerous charges related to an alleged absentee ballot fraud scheme in 2006. Those charges, along with a 2005 perjury charge related to the purported scheme did not end in conviction.

In 2005, a municipal judge in Hamilton Township found probably cause for assault charges against Small, though he referred those back to the Atlantic County prosecutor, and it’s not clear whether charges were ever filed.

Small was indicted for a second ballot fraud scheme in 2009, though those charges were also dropped.

Atlantic City has a long and storied tradition of mayors being arrested in office.

Gilliam last month pleaded guilty to stealing tens of thousands from a basketball league for needy children.

In 2007, former Mayor Robert Levy pleaded guilty to defrauding the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Two other former mayors, Michael Matthews and William Somers, pleaded guilty to extortion in the 1970s and 1980s.

Gov. Phil Murphy has so far declined to say whether he has confidence in Small’s ability to lead Atlantic City, which is still under a partial state takeover that Small has sought to end.

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  1. Another Atlantic City Mayor that is corrupt, the feds probably has his office bugged.I can’t believe that with all the talent that’s out there, we choose to elect these corrupt officials.

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