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New Brunswick mayoral candidate Charlie Kratovil

Kratovil says he’ll eliminate New Brunswick Parking Authority

By David Wildstein, October 08 2018 5:26 pm

Journalist Charlie Kratovil, who is challenging New Brunswick Mayor James Cahill as an independent, says he will eliminate the New Brunswick Parking Authority if he wins the November election.

Kratovil has accused the parking authority of being part of Cahill’s political machine, saying it condemns “real estate at the behest of powerful developers or borrowing tens of millions of dollars to help those wealthy developers meet their own parking needs, while leaving the needs of our residents unaddressed.”

According to Kratovil, the authority has a debt of nearly $400 million.

“I will make it a priority to pay down this debt in a way that protects our people and ensures the next generation is not saddled with major liabilities or undesirable assets,” Kratovil said.

Instead, Kratovil is proposing the creation of a new city Transportation Department.  He says Jersey City saved $850,000-a-year by eliminating their parking authority.

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