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Bergen County Democratic Chairman Paul Juliano. (Photo: Nikita Biryukov for the New Jersey Globe)

Juliano endorses Currie for re-election

Bergen’s 10 DSC members backing Democratic state chairman

By Nikita Biryukov, November 03 2019 10:48 am

Bergen County Democratic Chairman Paul Juliano has endorsed John Currie for re-election as the New Jersey Democratic State Chairman.

“I want to make an announcement, an announcement that has been a long time coming. I want to announce at this point with honor and privilege my support of a man that has driven the Democratic party statewide to great heights,” Juliano said. “We have won congressional seats, legislative seats, mayors, council members, freeholders, constitutional officers largely due to the hard work of John Currie at the head of the ship.”

Juliano, who took the post as head of Bergen County’s Democratic Organization in July, said all 10 of the County’s Democratic State Committee members had pledged their support to Currie.

The state chairman faces a challenge from Essex County LeRoy Jones.

Backing from the state’s most populous County gives Currie a huge advantage in that contest, giving him more than a fifth of the 49.5 votes needed to win the state chairmanship.

There had been some thought that Juliano would stay out of the Currie vs. Jones fight.

This is an affirmation of support for Currie, but not necessarily a new development.  Juliano’s predecessor, Louis Stellato, had endorsed Currie for re-election last December.

Currie is closely allied with Gov. Phil Murphy, and with redistricting looming close on the horizon, any solidification of Currie’s chances at keeping his post as head of the state party will net huge benefits to the governor, a fact that Murphy was well aware of.

“I know I speak for Chairman John Currie when I say that your statement on behalf of the 10 state committee members in Bergen County of unanimous support for Chairman John Currie is not just a big deal for Chairman Currie and the Democratic party,” Murphy told hundreds of Democrats at a Bergen County breakfast Sunday. “It’s a big deal for me personally, so thank you.”

Still, the contest for state chairman isn’t the most pressing one in the state.

That election likely won’t be held until December, but elections for the Assembly, as well as count and municipal races, are just two days away.

Currie isn’t taking his eyes off the ball.

“I am humbled and I am grateful for the support that you have given me,” Currie said. “But folks, we have work to do between now and Tuesday … Tuesday is what’s important to us, so we can keep what we have going going here in not only Fairview but in the entire Bergen County.”

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