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West New York Mayor Felix Roque. (Photo by Nikita Biryukov)

Judge asks Roque for evidence of fraud before he orders recount

Former mayor lost election by 674 votes

By David Wildstein, May 22 2019 3:36 pm

A Superior Court Judge is asking former West New York mayor Felix Roque to provide him with some evidence of voting irregularities by Friday before he authorizes a recount of last week’s municipal election, the New Jersey Globe has learned.

Roque filed for a recount last Friday, three days after he fell 674 votes short of winning re-election to a third term.

Judge Peter Bariso held a conference with attorneys this morning.

There is skepticism among officials that Bariso will accept any challenge to the West New York elections in the absence of reasonable proof.

A slate headed by Gabriel Rodriguez captured all five seats.  Roque finished in sixth place, trailing Yoleisy Yanez, 3,454 to 2,780.

Yanez was sworn in yesterday, with Rodriguez becoming mayor.

Roque told the Hudson County View last week that the election results didn’t reflect his polling.

“The results of this election are dramatically inconsistent with my contact with voters on election day and polling data that we have accumulated. We are investigating numerous irregularities and will evaluate in the near future whether to officially challenge the election,” Roque said.

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2 thoughts on “Judge asks Roque for evidence of fraud before he orders recount

  1. In West New York
    6th Place Wiley loses to 5th Place Guzman by 522 Votes;Wiley DOES NOT ASK for recount.
    1993 (Special Recall Election)
    6th Place Sires loses to 5th Place Suarez by 114 votes; Sires DOES NOT ASK for recount.
    6th Place Vega Loses to 5th Place Vargas by 80 votes; Vega DOES NOT ASK for recount.
    6th Place Roque loses to 5th Place Yanez by 674 votes; Asks for Recount.

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