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Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop
Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

Jersey City, Lyft announce Citi Bike expansion

By Nikita Biryukov, February 25 2021 10:39 am

Jersey City will see its stable of Citi Bikes swell as part of a new deal with rideshare company Lyft, Mayor Steve Fulop announced Thursday.

The city will install 15 new bike stations, each with 10 bikes, with priority going to the Greenville, West Side and The Heights neighborhoods. The first of the two new stations, which will be installed in the next 60 days, will be located in Greenville.

“We have had great success in our valued partnership with Lyft, and this agreement is the latest step in our commitment to establish a comprehensive transportation network that includes mass transit, the Via system we implemented, and the growing bike share program, to better connect our residents to jobs, schools, and other important opportunities,” Fulop said.

Over the agreement’s five-year time horizon, the expansion will spread to Hoboken, installing 300 bicycles in the neighboring town and 650 in Jersey City.

“This is a big step toward continuing to grow Citi Bike’s role as a truly regional bike share program that meets the first- and last-mile commute needs of New Jersey residents, who often have bikeshare transportation needs on both sides of the Hudson,” Lyft Citi Bike General Manager Laura Fox said. “With the addition of pedal-assist ebikes and transit planning in both the Lyft and Citi Bike apps, Citi Bike riders in New Jersey will have more ways to get around that are fast, affordable, and convenient.”

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