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Jersey City Ward E Councilman James Solomon. (Photo: Twitter)

Jersey City councilman cited for leaving scene of accident, driving unregistered vehicle

James Solomon had led calls for Amy DeGise resignation after she hit a bicyclist and didn’t stop; Solomon left a note on windshield with an apology

By David Wildstein, December 18 2022 12:23 pm

Jersey City Councilman James Solomon, who led the calls for the resignation of one of his colleagues after a hit-and-run crash in July, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after he hit a parked car and left after leaving a note.

The owner the vehicle Solomon hit says she parked her car on Boland Street, just north of Fairmont Avenue, at about 3 PM on Friday, and when she returned about 23 hours later, she saw damage to her left rear bumper and a note on her windshield where Solomon left his name, phone number, license plate and an apology.

Jersey City Police have also issued summonses to Solomon for failure to report an accident and driving a Ford Explorer that has been unregistered for eight months.

(Source: Jersey City Police Department).

Solomon said the incident occurred around 10 AM on Saturday, while he was taking his children shopping at Lee Sims Chocolates on Bergen Avenue.

“While parallel parking, I scrapped the car parked in front of me,” Solomon said.  “I immediately wrote a note, apologizing to the owner, and provided me name and contact information, placing it under the windshield of the parked car.”

Solomon said the owner of the other vehicle contacted him a few hours later and an insurance claim has already been filed.

“I took immediate accountability for my error, as all people and especially elected officials should do.

After an SUV driven by Councilwoman Amy DeGise hit a bicyclist who ran a red light in July, in a situation where the circumstances are different than his own, Solomon called for her resignation or recall.

“Leaving the scene of a crash is illegal,” Solomon said after the DeGise incident.  “Public servants must be held to a higher standard.”

It’s not clear how Solomon will plead to the summonses.

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