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Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson

Hurley: Levinson will run for 7th term

By David Wildstein, November 09 2021 4:18 pm

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson is expected to seek re-election to a seventh-term in 2023, according to a report by WPG Talk Radio host Harry Hurley.

Republicans have held the Atlantic County Executive post since 1979, when Richard Squires unseated Democratic incumbent Charles Worthington.  Worthington gave up his State Assembly seat to seek the post in 1975, after voters approved a charter change that created a County Executive form of government.

Hurley said that Levinson’s announcement could come in the next two weeks.

“This is a good potential strategy on Levinson’s part. It will discourage outside interference; as big money has been parked on the sidelines for years waiting for Levinson to retire,” Hurley stated. The Camden County potentates look at Levinson as nearly unbeatable.  When this seat becomes open one day, they will spend many millions to try and get it.”

Levinson will be 77 when he runs for re-election.   He served as a Northfield councilman and freeholder-at-large before replacing Squires.

Following Squires’ retirement in 1999, Levinson faced Democrat Thomas Foley, a former assemblyman and freeholder, in the general election.  He won by 2,523 votes, 53%-47%.

Since then, Foley has been re-elected five times with north of 60%.  His lowest percentage came in 2019 when he defeated Northfield Councilwoman Susan Korngut by 10,552 votes, 61.5%-38.5%.

Levinson is the longest serving county executive in New Jersey history, followed by Essex’s Joseph DiVincenzo.  DiVincenzo was elected in 2002 and is planning to seek a sixth term next year.

He is also the only Republican among New Jersey’s five county executives.  When Levinson was first elected in 1999, there were Republican county executives in Bergen, Essex and Mercer counties; the only Democrat was Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski.

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