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Matawan Councilman Brett Cannon. (Photo: Restore Matawan.)

Gay councilman slams GOP chair for trying to paint him as anti-Catholic

By David Wildstein, March 11 2021 7:17 pm

An openly gay Democratic councilman from Matawan is owning a Facebook comment that a Republican municipal chair unjustly tried to portray as anti-Catholic.

Two weeks ago, Councilman Brett Cannon responded to an image posted in a private Facebook group called Matawan’s Black Hole that portrays depicts Jesus having anal intercourse with himself.

“Looks like a great time to me,” Cannon wrote.

That led to Anissa Esposito, the GOP municipal chair, to call for Cannon’s censure by the borough council.

“Cannon’s conduct is shameful and displays an attitude of disdain toward Christians everywhere,” Esposito said.  Failure to treat this incident with the seriousness it deserves will send the message that it’s acceptable to degrade an entire segment of the population based on their religion.”

Cannon told Esposito to chill out and stop using social media memes to score political points.

“Clearly this was a humorous meme posted by a neighbor and I made a reply with humorous intent,” Cannon said.  I’ll simply say this: I am a proud gay man with a good sense of humor.  I find it ironic that Anissa displays feverish support for anti-cancel culture, and Christianity, but wants the gay councilman to be censored for saying two men having sex ‘looks like a great time.’”

Cannon, who said he was raised Catholic, suggested some irony to “a religion that spent centuries persecuting and using ‘religious liberty’ as justification for denying civil rights to the LGBTQ community, now is offended by a meme that portrays that same religion in a humorous light.”

The 32-year-old Cannon wants to know if Esposito supports freedom of speech.

“Think about that. — it is all politics, nothing else.,” Cannon said.  “She is appealing to her base and is clearly anti LGBTQ.  I wish I could say that is surprising in the modern Republican party, but it is not.”

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