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Fulop tweets photo of man who passed out

By David Wildstein, March 11 2019 7:45 pm

Jersey City mayor Steve Fulop is facing some criticism on social media today after tweeting out a photo of a man whose suffered a medical emergency during a City Hall promotion ceremony today.

“We had a family member pass out today in the council chambers during our promotion ceremony and the person’s heart stopped. Councilman (Daniel) Rivera and the person’s daughter gave CPR/chest compressions. They were so quick and successfully revived him. Thankful for them today,” Fulop wrote.

The politically ambitious Fulop tagged a Jersey Journal reporter and the Hudson County View on his Twitter post.

Several people called on Fulop to remove the post.

One person suggested that if a police officer or EMT posted the same photo, the could face disciplinary issues.

“Cathy’s Law was enacted to prevent violation of a patient’s privacy/dignity by posting their pic on social media,” the person said.  “Once again you disregard the Law and common decency to promote yourself.”

Another person asked, “why post a photo of a vulnerable person having a medical emergency on social media?”

Editor’s Note: The New Jersey Globe blurred the image of the man involved to protect his privacy.

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