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Dover Mayor James Dodd

Dover residents sue Dodd, town over ordinance

Suit says measure infringes on separation of powers

By Nikita Biryukov, January 11 2019 5:13 pm

A group of Dover residents with ties to the Dover First slate sued Dover and the town’s Mayor James Dodd in an effort to overturn a recently-passed ordinance on grounds that it hamstrings the town’s Board of Alderman and usurps the power of the town’s legislative body.

Among other things, the ordinance makes the contents of the board’s agenda the sole discretion of Dover’s mayor and prevents aldermen from bringing items to the floor without the mayor’s permission.

Though Dover is under solid Democratic control, the mayor and his allies on the Board of Alderman have lost the support of Morris County’s Democratic Organization. The county party supported Democratic candidates running on the Dover First ticket.

Dover First Democrats now control five seats on the eight-member board.

The suit also claims that proper notice was not given for the ordinance.

The action is the latest challenge levied against Dodd and his allies by Democrats dissatisfied with his tenure.

After the ordinance was passed in November, Dover First Democrats began prepping a push to impeach Dodd, whose term expires at the end of this year.

Dover -- summons and complaint
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3 thoughts on “Dover residents sue Dodd, town over ordinance

  1. Let them come to Wayne nj and see how the tyranny of the republican majority works by those who run Wayne as though it were a private club on the Sculari-Vergano Republican model.

    Then go next door and see how the non partisan school board installs Republican leadership everytime, the same leadership who votes against prudent safety and security expenditures, absolutely refuses to afford full day kindergarten but is willing to sell off public land to pay for $6 million dollars worth of playing field repairs during teacher contract negotiations

  2. These people are so ignorant, he only did it because those that won the election are ignorant, they think this is Colombia & they will run it as there own corrupt country. The mayor had done so much for Dover. How can anyone take these people serious after they used a black woman that played victim , meanwhile another woman was being bashed by these horrible people. Sadly these people are going after this man for no valid reasons. Grow up.

  3. That ordinance was a blatant power grab on the part of Mr. Dodd, he is not the legislative and executive of Dover, he now has complete control over the town because nothing can be done unless he wants it to.
    Completely illegal and in violation of state-law, municipalities can only drastically change their forms of government via the state or a referendum, not, as he did, with votes from candidates who lost their re-elections.

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