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Raritan Councilman-elect Adam Armahizer. (Photo: Adam Armahizer).

Democrat wins in Raritan Borough after recount increases lead to 9 votes (Updated)

Adam Armahizer flips council seat from GOP

By Joey Fox, December 16 2022 1:47 pm

Update: a previous version of this story stated that all four canidates picked up three votes; this was what was read to attendees at the recount today.  But later, Someret County Board of Elections Administrator Jerry Midgette told representatives of both parties that he misstated the numbers.

24-year-old Democrat Adam Armahizer held onto his seven-vote lead for the Raritan Borough Council following a recount today, flipping a Republican-held seat in the Somerset County birthplace of Jack Ciattarelli. 

The recount, which was ordered by a judge just yesterday, added three votes to the totals of all three of the four candidates, but only one vote for Repubican Frank DelRocco, thus leaving the outcome unchanged.

Armahizer beat out DelRocco, the grandson of former Mayor Steve DelRocco, in a race for two seats on the council. Republican Council President Nicholas Carra finished in first with 1,241 votes, followed by Armahizer with 1,218, DelRocco with 1,209, and Democrat Joe Kempe with 1,187.

DelRocco is still weighing his options about how to proceed, the New Jersey Globe has learned. But in a town as small as Raritan, a seven-vote lead is fairly substantial; fewer than 2,500 votes were cast in the borough overall.

The Raritan race was one of several across the state to feature tight margins that have been or might be subject to recounts. 

In next-door Hillsborough, Democrats are fighting for a recount after Republican Robert Britting defeated Democrat Erryn Murphy by 46 votes. A recount in Mendham Township, meanwhile, put Democrat Lauren Spirig three votes ahead of Republican Committeeman Thomas Baio, but Republicans are interested in pursuing further legal action.

There’s also an incredibly close race for a seat on the Trenton City Council that has yet to be resolved. Jennifer Williams currently leads Algernon Ward in the North Ward by 11 votes after a December 13 runoff; there are still a few votes outstanding that won’t be counted until Tuesday.

If the North Ward contest remains that close after the remaining votes are counted, it could lead to a recount, which could in turn lead to the city council lacking a quorum when Trenton’s government reorganizes on January 1.

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