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Camden GOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino

Ambrosino hits Camden Dems over councilwoman’s clandestine resignation

By Nikita Biryukov, June 23 2020 10:14 am

Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino attacked Camden County Democrats over the resignation of Cherry Hill Councilwoman Carolyn Jacobs.

“Here we go again, a Democrat exhibits bad behavior, county Democrats keep it quiet for as long as possible,” Rich Ambrosino said. “It’s a pattern with the Democrats, an Assemblyman admits to punching his girlfriend, it takes 11 days for him to resign. A township Commissioner crashes his car into another, leaves the scene, lies to the police and blames the accident on his wife, not a peep from the county Democrats.”

Jacobs resigned on June 13, five days after she criticized Philadelphia’s black residents recorded looting stores in the city earlier this month.

“I think even animals know they don’t mess their own dens,” Jacobs said at the June 8 council meeting.

Jacobs’ resignation came without an announcement — such announcements are not required by law.

The news of the councilwoman’s resignation over her racist comments was first reported by the New Jersey Globe, and the town’s elected officials gave strikingly different accounts of her resignation, when they commented on it at all.

“While Councilwoman Jacobs did eventually do the right thing and resign, once again Democrats in Camden County did the wrong thing and tried to hide the bad behavior of one of their own from the public,” Ambrosino said. “It’s time for this pattern of county Democrats hiding bad behavior of elected officials to end. Voters are sick of it and I think they are beginning to realize the only way to end it is to end single party rule in Camden County.”

William A. Carter III was appointed by the council to take Jacobs’ seat on Monday. There was no discussion or debate on Carter’s nomination to fill the seat, and the two other candidates named for the seat did not appear at a council meeting Monday.

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