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From left, Mount Laurel Councilmembers-elect Karen Cohen, Nikitas Moustakas and Fozia Janjua.

Democrats flip seats in Mount Laurel, winning 5-0 majority

By Nikita Biryukov, November 03 2020 9:56 pm

Democrats Karen Cohen, Nikitas Moustakas and Fozia Janjua will defeat Mount Laurel Mayor Kurt Folcher, Councilman Irwin Edelson and newcomer Sandra Pratt, winning a 5-0 majority there, the New Jersey Globe projects.

Republican councilwoman Linda Bobo did not seek re-election.

Had Folcher had his way, Mount Laurel residents wouldn’t have voted for local candidates on Tuesday. Last June, Folcher, Edelson and Councilwoman Linda Bobo, who did not seek re-election, attempted to pass a measure that would move the town’s non-partisan races to May.

The move would have severed local elections in the Burlington town of about 41,000 from national elections that squarely favor Democrats.

It also would have dramatically cut turnout. About 73% of Mount Laurel voters turned out in 2016’s general election. In two other Burlington municipalities that held May non-partisan elections, turnout was around 17%.

The measure was ultimately defeated in the state legislature despite winning a majority of votes locally.

Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (D-Mount Laurel) responded to Folcher’s push with a state law requiring a supermajority — four votes in this case — to change a municipality’s form of government.

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