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Dover Mayor James Dodd

Barrios accuses Dodd of unethical hiring

By Nikita Biryukov, October 19 2018 10:26 am

Fernando Barrios, a former ally of Dover Mayor James Dodd, on Friday filed a complaint against the mayor, accusing him of violating the Local Government Ethics Law by voting to hire and give a raise to a city employee with whom the mayor is romantically engaged.

The woman, whose identity the New Jersey Globe is aware of but is not releasing because of privacy concerns, was hired in a 2016 resolution that Dodd voted for. Barrios alleges the relationship between the two began in 2014.

The woman was offered a $48,000 salary that was later raised to about $52,000 when the city passed a resolution giving raises to its white collar workers. Dodd voted in favor of that resolution.

Dodd did not recuse himself, as Barrios said he should have in both cases, from either vote.

Barrios also claimed the position for which the woman was hired was not advertised to city employees or the general public.

The complaint was made to the Local Finance Board, as neither Dover nor Morris County have a local ethics board.

Though once allied with the mayor, Barrios has since switched sides and is backing the Dover First slate, which unseated a number of Dodd’s Alderman candidates in primaries earlier this year. Dodd has retaliated by posting about Barrios on his website, Doverliarsrevealed.com.

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