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Egg Harbor City Mayor Lisa Jiampetti.

Democrats on track to win in Egg Harbor City

By Nikita Biryukov, November 04 2020 12:53 am

Mayor Lisa Jiampetti has will defeat Council President Pro Tempore Joseph Ricci to win another term, the New Jersey Globe projects.

She leads Ricci 802-534.

Her council running mates, Councilwoman Donna Heist, Mason Wright, Jr. and Karl Timbers are on track to defeat Councilman Clifford Mays, Jr., and newcomers Ingrid Clark and Joseph Ellis.

Heist has 797 votes, while Write and Timbers have 751 and 708, respectively.

Mays has 543 votes, while Clark has 539, and Ellis was in last with 519.

Ricci’s slate of council candidates was made up mostly of newcomers, despite his party’s almost complete control of the council. He ran with Councilman Clifford Mays and Republicans Joseph Ellis and Ingrid Clark.

Councilmen Robert Ross, a Democrat, did not seek re-election.

The likely Democratic council victories mean the party has a shot at taking a majority on Egg Harbor City’s Council next year, when seats held by Ricci, Councilman Angelo Lello and Councilwoman Robin Sefton — all Republicans — come up for re-election.

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