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Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman
Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman

Atlantic Dems hit Republicans over anonymous release attacking supporter’s son

Republican freeholder candidate says he didn’t send it

By Nikita Biryukov, October 07 2019 12:37 pm

Atlantic County Democrats slammed county Republicans over an attack at the son of a surrogate for Freeholder Ernest Coursey Monday.

“It’s one thing to lob attacks against Freeholder Ernest Coursey as a candidate for re-election, but to attack the son of a supporter of his, let alone the son of a community and religious leader like Bishop Hargrove, is disgusting and highlights why people are so turned off by politics,” Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman said. “Mr. Majumder owes the Hargrove Family an apology and needs to cease all attacks on private citizens immediately.”

An anonymous press release sent out last Wednesday said Anthony Hargrove, the son of Bishop Robert Hargrove, was charged with knowingly and intentionally infecting others with HIV.

In May, the younger Hargrove was charged with failing to disclose that he was HIV positive with a man, who contracted the sexually-transmitted disease.

Bishop Hargrove headlined a Clergy for Coursey dinner last week.

Democrats claimed Coursey’s challenger, Sam Majumder, fielded the attack, a charge the Republican flatly denied.

“This is yet another lie being put out by my opponent Ernest Coursey because he cannot defend his failed record on the Freeholder Board,” Majumder said. “The Democrats will stop at nothing in their efforts to confuse the voters. First Susan Korngut threw out the baseless charge that there is systemic racism in Atlantic County even though Freeholder Coursey has been sitting on the Freeholder Board for years.  Now they are doubling down with their lies.”

“They are concocting a story with no basis whatsoever,” he said. “I plan on continuing to keep my campaign positive and on the issues so Atlantic City, West Atlantic City, and Pleasantville have a Freeholder that works for them every day, not just a few weeks before the election.”

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