Sweeney pulls Lagana committee assignments over vaccination vote

Bergen County Democrat dropped from Judiciary, Health panels

State Sen. Joseph Lagana (D-Paramus). New Jersey Globe Photo.

Senate President Steve Sweeney has removed State Sen. Joseph Lagana (D-Paramus) from the Senate Judiciary Committee over his refusal to support the Senate leadership on legislation to end religious exemptions for childhood vaccines.

In his place, Sweeney has put State Sen. Brian Stack (D-Union City) back on the Judiciary Committee.  The senate president had dropped Stack last year after the Hudson County Democrat sided with Gov. Phil Murphy on legislative redistricting.

Lagana also lost his seats on the Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee and instead will serve on the Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

More importantly, the New Jersey Globe has learned that Lagana has lost his leadership money – additional funds to supplement his annual staff allowance.

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David Wildstein: David Wildstein is the Editor in Chief for the New Jersey Globe.

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    • Thank you Sen. Lagana For truly representing your constituency, democracy, and constitutional rights. The people truly appreciate your actions despite whatever consequences of dirty politics you encounter. We will vote Sweeney out and you in!

  • So Senator Lagana gets punished by bully Sweeney (funds removed and displaced off of committees) for not blindly agreeing with him to remove parental rights? You know what Senator Lagana , you don’t need Sweeney’s money, you have our votes. Thanks for standing up to the bully. We will remember in November! You are a Leader

    • This is Hitler at work. This is how it started years ago, first they brainwash our young then bully others into doing what they want or else. He is corrupt, Remember this on voting day.

  • Lagana Is being punished for trying to respond to the will of the people. I thought that was what democracy is. I guess Sweeney has another definition.

  • Pulling duties on Senator Lagana all because Senator Sweeney didn’t get his way with taking away religious and constitutional rights while segregating and discriminating against the American people? This is so wrong and nothing shy of bullying tactics. However, are seeing through him and for what he really stands for which will eventually catch up with him.

  • ABSOLUTELY disgraceful. First, Sweeney tries to strong arm the younger senators, and when they do what's right by the citizens they serve and don't bow to the king, they get fired from their positions. We need more legislators like Mr. Lagana, and A LOT less like Sweeney.
    Mr. Lagana, thank-you for standing true to your principles and for not SELLING OUT like Sweeney did years ago. What goes around, comes around, and Sweeney's day is coming, make no mistake.

  • Shame on Sweeney! Is this even legal? You replace someone because they don’t agree with you? How can our representatives be expected to work for us if they have to fear retributions? That’s not democracy.

  • OMG, Sweeney does whatever he wants, whenever he wants for his own agenda. Such corruption. How does this serve NJ? He should be recalled.