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New Jersey Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt

Steinhardt to legislature: extend automatic voter registration to New Jerseyans with hunting, fishing licenses

GOP State Chairman says special session on vote-by-mail laws in Democratic effort to rig electiosn

By David Wildstein, August 22 2019 1:15 pm

Republican State Chairman Douglas Steinhardt is bashing Democrats for calling a special legislative session to pave the way for voters who cast their ballots by mail in 2017 and 2018 to automatically receive VBM ballots for the November general election.

“Democrat politicians in Trenton are trying to rig New Jersey’s elections. It’s that simple. They are weaponizing the legislature and waging an all-out war against voters’ free will by selectively sending ballots to the people and places their policies prey on,” Steinhardt said.  “This is the danger of one party rule.”

Steinhardt wants legislative leaders to “expand the scope” of the special session by approving bills to extend automatic voter registration to people who purchase hunting and fishing licenses.

“Not just the demographics to whom you hope to sell your seats,” Steinhardt said. “Who needs the Russians to meddle in US elections when you have NJ Democrats?”

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9 thoughts on “Steinhardt to legislature: extend automatic voter registration to New Jerseyans with hunting, fishing licenses

  1. Sportsmen and women. In NJ vote against their own best interest a very election anyway, and the ones who stay home are going to stay home anyway regardless if they’re auto registered though I still think this is voter manipulation. The cowards on the Republican side should attach an amendment to auto register anyone applying for their FOID or hand gun permit too but they don’t have the balls and like I said, it won’t matter.
    We need Republicans in Trenton to bring lawsuits on the federal level and lobby for President Trump to get the feds involved but, again, our Republicans in Trenton are cowards. Our rights are being stolen and the right side of the table are silent. They need to make noise, not just sit idle during infringements like limiting standard capacity magazines and letting criminals (their voting base) roam free, bail free at that.
    Good luck in this Nazi state, I’ve given up, I’m walking away from my house and moving to America unless I see some SERIOUS pushback from the right immediately.

  2. I am totally disgusted with N.J. and the Democrats peeing in our face all of the time. But unfortunately for us some would be Republicans aren’t any better. Christie made darn well sure that Kimm couldn’t win, with his antics. Then running for President.

  3. A person, of age, that acquires a hunting or fishing licenses should be registered to vote. Going thru the paper or on-line process to obtain a license could bring may voters into the election arena of responsibility that could impact the true and complete picture for a State like NJ. The high population density areas of this State can not reflect the election process needs of the many that live their lives for the true “outdoors” that is obtained with a gun or fishing pole in their hands. Making the voting registration process a part of this first step to the outdoors would be a positive move. A more accurate understanding of the Public Voters would be obtained.

  4. Not in favor of vote by mail, except for those not able to be in the state for an election. On the surface, adding hunters and fisherman to the voting rolls seems ok. But still think that there should be some form of ID required to vote. Whether it be your voter ID card, driver’s lic, state issued ID.

    1. I agree with Ted, I do not believe in vote by mail. At this point in time when politicians are trying to take away our freedom we must all get involved and GO VOTE at your polling place!

    2. I agree with Ted , I’m not in favor of vote by mail. At this point in time when politicians are trying eliminate our freedoms we should all get involved and GO VOTE at your polling place!

  5. “Something” needs to be done to show hunters, gun owners, and outdoorsmen/women how badly they are screwing up by not voting en bloc. At this point I believe this is a good proposal and a great tit-for-tat response to the years long dems corruption of the voting system in New Jersey.

    You may use my name and comment to promote this idea.

  6. It’s a great idea. We have so many sportsmen and women in our state if we all voted we would have been able to save so many aspects of our sports together with improving the environment, after all we pay the most for it. We know more about conservation and the outdoors than most legislators. Somethings like this might save New Jersey.

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