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Democratic Assembly candidates Eileen Della Volle, left, and Erin Wheeler

Ocean Democratic candidates denounce anti-LGBTQI protests

Rabbi says Pride events seek ‘homosexualization of a very religious community’

By David Wildstein, June 06 2019 2:15 pm

Two Democratic Assembly candidates from a heavily Republican district in Ocean County are denouncing protests to LGBTQI Pride events sponsored by the Lakewood Blue Claws baseball team and the Ocean County Public Library.

Eileen Della Volle and Erin Wheeler allege that Rabbi Yesuda Levin has posted videos on social media asking local residents to join the protest and say he’s circulated flyers referring to homosexuality as an abomination and labeling the pride events as anti-family brainwashing.

In a video posted on social media, Levin said he was “protesting the homsexualization of a very religious community.”

“There is no room in our community for this kind of hateful rhetoric and ignorance, and we stand by the Blue Claws and the Ocean County Library in their efforts to promote tolerance and acceptance and do their part to educate and enlighten the public,” Della Volle said.  “Given the dark history of LGBTQI people being the victims of violence, the language in these videos and flyers is unacceptable and endangers the safety of our citizens. This is why it is important to elect leaders who will represent the rights of all people.”

Wheeler called Levin’s language “offensive and an insult to the people of Ocean County.

“We all must speak out against this hate in our community, and make sure our elected leaders support the rights and protection of all members of our society,” Wheeler said.

Della Volle and Wheeler are running in the 10th district against Assemblyman Greg McGuckin (R-Toms River) and former Brick Councilman John Cataldo.

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One thought on “Ocean Democratic candidates denounce anti-LGBTQI protests

  1. Your beliefs are not shared by the majority of people in this county, this state or this country. You are spreading intolerance instead of love. It is sad. You are brainwashed by your religion. A religion that teaches love and peace and acceptance. Homosexuality exists in every country in the world. No one chooses to be gay. They are born gay, and if they are born gay, then that is the way God chose them to be. Please stop wasting your time trying to stop people from being who they are. You are not God, you do not know the word of God. You are just an educated, well-spoken hateful person. I will pray for you.

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