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The cast of Seinfeld. (Photo: NBC Universal Publicty Photo).

Murphy signs Bramnick’s “Seinfeld Law”

By David Wildstein, May 15 2023 6:25 pm

Telemarketers must disclose the details of whom they work for under New Jersey’s new “Seinfeld Law” sponsored by State Sen. Jon Bramnick (R-Westfield) and signed by Gov. Phil Murphy today.

The new law gives telemarketers 30 seconds to “accurately identify” their name, along with the” name and telephone number of the person on whose behalf the call is being made and the purpose of the call.”  If not, they could be charged with a disorderly persons offense.

“When you answer a telemarketer’s call, you should know right up front who they are and who they work for,” Bramnick said.

Bramnick called his proposal the “Seinfeld” bill after an episode where Jerry Seinfeld gets a call from a telemarketer and asks if he can call him at home.

The bill, sponsored in the lower house by Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D-Washington Township), requires telemarketers to prominently display their mailing address and the address of the business they’re working for on their website.

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