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Democratic Assembly candidate Lisa Mandelblatt at Gov. Phil Murphy's forum to promote gun safety on June 19, 2019 in Westfield. Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe.

Mandelblatt hits Bramnick on guns

Murphy makes holds second gun presser in LD21

By Nikita Biryukov, July 16 2019 2:03 pm

Democratic Assembly candidate Lisa Mandelblatt is taking aim at Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick over guns.

“At the press conference, Bramnick didn’t even show up to thank the law enforcement,” Mandelblatt said, referring to a presser Gov. Murphy held in Westfield following the arrest of an armed man in a school parking lot there. “He’s so tied to the NRA that even in his own town he couldn’t step out and call for sensible gun violence — he actually voted against the personal firearm bill and he voted against the bill that we’re still waiting to pass the senate for gun licenses.”

It’s possible the Westfield incident will push Bramnick’s 100% rating from the NRA into the forefront of the 21st legislative district’s Assembly race.

Murphy made another visit to Bramnick’s district to sign into law four gun bills sent to his desk last month. The minority leader didn’t come up in the governor’s speech.

The original package included eight bills. Bramnick voted against two of those bills—one requiring gun stores to carry smart guns and another requiring gun owners to renew their gun licenses.

The former bill was signed into law Tuesday, but the latter has yet to clear the State Senate.

Bramnick said he opposed the latter bill because it could lead to criminal charges for law-abiding gun owners who were not aware of the new renewal requirements.

Mandelblatt didn’t buy his line of thinking.

“You’re going to turn people into criminals? If you don’t renew your driver’s license, if you don’t renew your insurance, you’re not allowed to drive. It’s the same thing,” Mandelblatt said. “It’s not too burdensome, especially if you can do an online registration. It’s really not to ask a lot of a gun owner.”

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