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Democratic Assembly candidate Gina LaPlaca. (Photo: Nikita Biryukov for the New Jersey Globe)

LD8 candidates spar over taxes

Dems attack Peters over vote condemning 2017 GOP tax bill

By Nikita Biryukov, September 30 2019 5:15 pm

Candidates in the eighth legislative district are taking aim at the opposition’s record on taxes.

“Today is a good day for Ryan Peters and no one else in New Jersey,” said Mickey Quinn, a spokesman for Democrats Gina LaPlaca and Mark Natale. “As one of only five members of the State Assembly who voted to support the Trump tax plan, Ryan must be thrilled to see that South Jersey residents will have their deductions capped and will pay even more in property taxes just to live in our state.”

Assemblyman Ryan Peters was one of five Republicans to vote against a resolution urging Congress to rescind the $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions imposed by a tax law national Republicans passed in 2017.

The resolution, which passed 63-5 with four members not voting, has done little to force Congress to reinstate the full SALT deduction.

“Another day, another distraction from the Camden Cartel and their puppet candidates,” Peters campaign manager Angelo Lamberto said.  Ryan Peters cut property taxes as a Burlington County Freeholder and led opposition to the Democrats ‘rain tax’ in Trenton, while Gina LaPlaca jacked-up fees and overcharged ratepayers on the Mount Holly MUA and lobbied in Trenton to help her corporate bosses avoid paying $70 million in taxes, and forcing local residents to pick up the tab instead.”

The Democrats claimed Peters cast the vote to give political cover to Rep. Tom MacArthur, who was the only member of New Jersey’s congressional delegation to vote to pass the tax plan.

The issue was central to Rep. Andy Kim’s campaign against MacArthur.

“As our residents suffer from an affordability crisis, Ryan Peters cast his awful vote against middle-class families to protect the architect of the Trump tax scheme, ex-Congressman Tom MacArthur,” Quinn said. “MacArthur lost his job over support for the Trump tax plan, now his lackey Ryan Peters should too.”

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3 thoughts on “LD8 candidates spar over taxes

  1. The Sleazy Trenton Lobbyist Gina, and her Ambulance chasing sidekick Mark Natale have been pushing higher taxes for decades! If taxes weren’t so high in NJ the $10k SALT cap would barely effect anyone. Why should the federal government subsidize NJ because crooked politicians like LaPlaca & Natale have been abusing taxpayers for decades?

  2. Peters has a horrible record. ZERO laws passed as an Assemblyman. He failed his district.
    Stanfield is a hypocrite who spoke out against double dipping but hired two double dippers and now herself wants to double dip.

    1. Glna LaPlaca Carty is doing what her Hubby and dems are telling her to so her ego can be taken care of. She has no experience or knowledge of actually working with constituents so watch her dresses get tighter to try to get votes

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