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Trenton Republican Municipal Chair Jennifer Williams

Last Republican legislator to represent Trenton backs Williams

Former State Sen. Dick LaRossa held LD15 seat in ’90s

By Nikita Biryukov, October 11 2019 1:15 pm

Former State Sen. Dick LaRossa backed the Republican assembly candidate in the 15th legislative district Friday.

“I cannot be prouder to receive the endorsement of Senator Richard LaRossa. Senator LaRossa was a great steward of our state’s budget when he served in the Legislature and was a strong leader for us as the Senate’s Chair of the Urban Policy and Planning Committee,” Jennifer Williams said. “Additionally, he is legendary for how hard of an election campaigner and I am honored to have the benefit of his experience, support and wisdom for my Assembly campaign.”

LaRossa was the last Republican to represent Trenton, and the only one to do so since in the legislature’s upper chamber since 1946.

Williams, Trenton’s Republican municipal chairwoman, is running against Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds Jackson and Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli.

“I wholeheartedly give Jennifer Williams, Assembly Candidate for LD15, my endorsement and full support. Based on her past commitment to Mercer County and specifically, Trenton, and her strong, smart policy positions for our communities, Jennifer will be an excellent representative for Mercer County in the New Jersey General Assembly,” LaRossa said.

“I believe Jen when says that she will fight for us to have clean, safe drinking water every day and I know she will be a fair, bipartisan voice for us in the Assembly,” he said. “I encourage all voters, especially those in Ewing Township to vote for Jennifer Williams for Assembly in LD15 in this election.”

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2 thoughts on “Last Republican legislator to represent Trenton backs Williams

  1. The same LaRossa that ran for Ewing Township Council last year and got smoked! Thanks for the laugh of this non-news story.

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