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State Sen. James Holzapfel (R-Toms River). (Photo: New Jersey Senate Republicans.)

Holzapfel plans on running for another term

Senator’s district only changed modestly on new legislative map

By Joey Fox, September 29 2022 1:03 pm

State Sen. James Holzapfel (R-Toms River) said today that, health permitting, he intends to run for re-election in 2023.

“I’m going to run again,” Holzapfel said. “As long as my health stays alright, I’ll be running again.”

While his Ocean County-based 10th district seat didn’t see as many changes as some other districts on the state’s new legislative map, Holzapfel will still take on a number of new shore towns while losing Manchester Township. But the senator said that he’s not concerned about gaining new constituents.

“We have some of Monmouth County now, but we used to have some of Monmouth when I was an assemblyman,” he said. “We’re familiar with them. It shouldn’t be a heavy lift.”

A former Ocean County Prosecutor, the 77-year-old Holzapfel first arrived in the legislature in 1994, winning a special convention to succeed Virginia Haines after she was appointed to lead the New Jersey Lottery. He moved up to the Senate in 2012, after seven term State Sen. Andrew Ciesla retired, and has easily won re-election to the staunchly Republican district in every cycle since then.

He could face a primary challenge, if newly-returned Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore, decides to back someone else.,  Holzapfel and Gilmore had been close political allies, but the 10th district senator backed Michael Mastronardy for county chairman in the  party leadership election in July.

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