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Trenton Republican Municipal Chair Jennifer Williams

GOP Assembly candidate calls for apologies from Trenton council people

McBride’s ‘Jew her down’ statement anti-Semitic, Jennifer Williams says

By Nikita Biryukov, September 17 2019 1:23 pm

Republican Assembly candidate Jennifer Williams called for Trenton Council President Kathy McBride and Councilman George Muschal to apologize for the McBride’s use of the term “Jew her down” during an executive session earlier this month.

“This entire situation troubles me greatly. As a lifelong resident of Trenton, I personally know City Council President Kathy McBride and Councilman George Muschal. I am surprised at the original comment made and subsequent justifications that have been offered,” Williams said. “The phrase that was used in the City Council’s executive session is anti-Semitic and does not reflect the good people of Trenton.”

McBride used the term “Jew her down” while discussing the settlement of a lawsuit during a Sept. 5 executive session, according to a recording obtained by the New Jersey Globe.

Muschal and Councilwoman Robin Vaughn defended McBride’s use of the term. Muschal called it a “statement of speech,” while Vaughn said the term was a verb and dismissed the idea that it was inappropriate.

“Both Council-members, along with Councilwoman Robin Vaughn should apologize not just to the individual they were referencing but to the entire Jewish community. As a fellow Trentonian, I also implore them to do the right thing by apologizing to the community at large.”

Williams, who is Trenton’s Republican municipal chair, is running for Assembly in the 15th legislative district, which covers Trenton and is currently represented by Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson and Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli.

The district is considered safely Democratic.

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