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Republican Edward Durr has a lead of more than 2,000 votes in his bid to unseat New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney. (Photo: NJ Globe via YouTube).

Durr says Sweeney is ‘lashing out because of the election results’

Republican who defeated Senate President says Sweeney is ‘following the progressive left’

By David Wildstein, December 02 2021 1:44 pm

The Republican giant killer who ousted Senate President Steve Sweeney in last month’s election criticized the Democratic legislative leader for a new policy that requires lawmakers to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test within the last 72 hours to participate in today’s session.

“He’s following the progressive left,” said State Sen.-elect Edward Durr, who will take office on January 11.  “I think the Democrats are lashing out because of the election results.  This is a slap at the people.  It’s a punishment.”

He accused Sweeney of bulling other senators and said that one of the reasons he won is that voters figured out that he spoke one way in South Jersey and voted a different way in Trenton.    The incoming GOP senator views the new rule forcing legislators to show evidence that they were vaccinated or tested as an “end run around the Constitution.”

Durr said that he was in Trenton on Wednesday for an orientation and showed proof of his recent Covid test before he was admitted to the capitol complex.

“These are draconian measures.  They are on the wrong side of this topic,” Durr said.  “It’s nt that people are anti-vax; it’s that people are anti government telling them what to do.”

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