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Late State Sen. Gerald Cardinale, right, with Assemblyman Bob Auth.

Auth reconsiders, will run for Senate

In renewed battle for Cardinale seat, Auth will take on Schepisi

By David Wildstein, March 04 2021 7:19 pm

Assemblyman Bob Auth (R-Old Tappan) is back in the race for the 39th district State Senate seat, reconsidering his decision to exit the special election convention to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Gerald Cardinale last month.

“I’m in the race,” Auth said.  “I’m going for it.”

Auth will now face Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (R-River Vale) in the March 9 contest to fill the remainder of Cardinale’s term.

The longtime Cardinale aide and friend says he’ll take his shot at the Senate seat, even if it means losing his Assembly seat.

This morning, Auth announced that he would seek drop his five-day-old Senate race – which included a strong endorsement from Carole Cardinale, the senator’s widow — in the interests of party unity.

He had met with Schepisi and Bergen County GOP Chairman Jack Zisa on Wednesday and agreed this morning to run for re-election with their support.

“I thought about the offer,” Auth said.  “It sounded good at first, but it’s not a good a good thing for me and it’s not a good thing for my constituents.  I owe it to the people who are supporting me to run.”

His decision follows a joint announcement earlier today that he would run with Schepisi.

Auth said that he wants to run with Upper Saddle River Councilwoman DeAnne DeFuccio, but that Schepisi is pushing for Dr. John Arizziti, a Saddle River Councilman.

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