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Assembly candidate Julian Jordan. (Photo by Nikita Biryukov)

Activist Dems challenge Greenwald, Lampitt

By Nikita Biryukov, April 01 2019 4:25 pm

Two activist Democrats are challenging Incumbents in the sixth legislative district, seeking to break the stranglehold power broker George Norcross has on South Jersey’s Democratic politics.

Julian Jordan and Danie Moss-Velasco are challenging Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald and Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt.

The two challengers have never run before, but Jordan said he was up to the task.

“I know it’s a challenge, but life is a challenge, and I’m up for it,” Jordan said, adding that he wasn’t scared of Norcross.

Should the challengers eke out a win in the primary, they’d likely sail through an easy general election in the solidly-blue sixth district, but there’s no indication that they’ll make it quite so far.

Jordan declined to say how many signatures he and his running mate had secured for their nominating petitions, saying only that the number would be sufficient to withstand a challenge, which he fully expects.

What’s more, the district will have access to leadership money should the primary race become competitive, and that money may come from more than just Greenwald’s role as a Democratic party leader.

State Sen. James Beach, the incumbents’ running mate in the upper chamber of the legislature, has been Camden County Democratic chairman since 2000. Greenwald took office in 1996 and has held that seat for the entirety of Beach’s tenure as county chair.

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3 thoughts on “Activist Dems challenge Greenwald, Lampitt

  1. Democrats want Norcross Dems Out.
    North jersey should be supporting these New Democrats and getting this corrupt
    Machine boss and his cronies out

    Norcross has caused a great divide among
    Democrats in South Jersey. People are Fed up with his craziness and childish trolling behavior. Norcross Sweeney and his political thugs have caused a great deal of damage

    1. do you really think these two aren’t just pawns in the machine , Norcross controls this state the north jersey dumocrats will not cross him and they are just as corrupt as the rest
      i stopped voting democrat in this tax the citizens to death while trampling on our constitutional rights along time ago
      norcross controls the Camden county GOP also how else could it be year after year they put the same losers up to run and just look at their background where they work tells you everything

  2. Who are these people? What have they done for the greater good in the past? How have they served their communities?

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