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The U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Steven Frame/Shutterstock).

Statements on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a New York gun law

By David Wildstein, June 23 2022 12:05 pm


“Based on a deeply flawed constitutional methodology, a right-wing majority on the United States Supreme Court has just said that states can no longer decide for ourselves how best to limit the proliferation of firearms in the public sphere. Let there be no mistake – this dangerous decision will make America a less safe country.

“But let me be equally clear that, here in New Jersey, we will do everything in our power to protect our residents. Anticipating this decision, my Administration has been closely reviewing options we believe are still available to us regarding who can carry concealed weapons and where they can carry them. We are carefully reviewing the Court’s language and will work to ensure that our gun safety laws are as strong as possible while remaining consistent with this tragic ruling.”


“The decision today in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen is bad constitutional law and even worse for public safety. At a time when we are experiencing a nationwide epidemic of gun violence and all-too frequent reports of deadly mass shootings, this dangerous decision makes it harder to combat the proliferation of deadly weapons in our communities and in our public spaces. Plain and simple, the majority’s decision disregards centuries of practice and recklessly enables violence.

“New Jersey will continue to take all available steps to protect our residents from gun violence. Although the majority’s ruling impacts our century-old justifiable need requirement for carrying firearms, it does not change any other aspect of New Jersey’s public carry law. To be clear: Carrying a handgun without a permit is still illegal in this state, and all other requirements for obtaining a carry permit still apply.

“As New Jersey’s chief law enforcement officer, I want to make clear that my commitment to public safety has never been stronger. My office is working with law enforcement leaders statewide to protect and ensure the safety of all of our residents, and we will continue to enforce our strict, commonsense gun laws that have become a model for states seeking to address the epidemic of gun violence.”


“New Jersey’s extremely restrictive concealed carry law is clearly unconstitutional for the same reason that New York’s law was just struck down by the Supreme Court.  I have proposed eliminating the justifiable need requirement from our concealed carry law that the United States Supreme Court said violates the Second Amendment. Further, I have proposed requiring comprehensive training to ensure that those who would carry in public are well versed in the safe handling, use, and care of their firearms.

“If legislative Democrats refuse to act proactively and responsibly as I have proposed to fix our unconstitutional concealed carry law, it’s clear they will be forced to by the courts.”


“Today’s Supreme Court ruling in NYSRPA v. Bruen is an unprecedented, irresponsible, and dangerous decision by the extremist, far-right majority on the Court. Just as states like ours struggle to get guns off of our streets, the Court has opened the floodgates to allow more violence, more death, and more injuries in our cities and towns.

“The idea, that in the most densely populated state in America, anyone- with absolutely no common sense limits- would be allowed to carry a concealed gun is stunningly irresponsible.

This decision will do nothing to stop the mass shootings that occur more and more frequently across our country, but will make residents of districts like ours feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods. We must fight to keep and expand our Democratic majority in the Senate, and push through judicial appointments that will protect our children, our families, our neighbors, and our friends.”


“I am severely disappointed and concerned about the impact of today’s ruling by the United States Supreme Court, a decision which largely strikes down New York’s century-old concealed carry law.

“We are reviewing the decision to determine how it impedes state regulations designed to protect people from gun violence at concerts, in their houses of worship, at the grocery store, and in public spaces. I find that fact alarming.

“Following a thorough analysis, we will need to determine our direction forward, doing so in the name of every one of our communities who deserve nothing less than to feel safe.”


“The Supreme Court’s sweeping decision striking down New York’s 100-year-old gun permitting law is not only wrong but wildly out of step with the American public, who overwhelmingly support common sense gun safety laws. This decision undermines public safety and makes our communities less safe.

“Following the disastrous and wrongly decided Heller decision by throwing out a century-old law that has stood the test of time and legal challenge is just the latest example of the Supreme Court’s activist conservative majority imposing its ideology on the American people, further contributing to the Court’s crisis of legitimacy.

“This decision also directly threatens New Jersey’s gun permitting law that helps protect the people of my state and the United States from gun violence and burdens future state efforts to do the same.”


“This morning, the US Supreme Court made it substantially easier for people to legally carry a concealed handgun. Their decision will put more guns on our streets at a time when we’re still reeling from mass shootings like the massacre of children in Uvalde and the hate-fueled attack in Buffalo.

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what Republican leaders have truly been asking for when they insist that the response to our country’s gun violence epidemic is more guns.

“When I hear suggestions of fully-armed schools and an ever-increasing number of private citizens secretly carrying guns, as a father of two young boys, I get worried.

“I’ve been focused on keeping guns out of the hands of people who mean to do harm and I will always fight against policies that take us backwards and make our communities less safe. I know not everyone agrees with me on what to do about gun violence, but we can’t accept near-daily mass shootings as a fact of life.

“Progress isn’t inevitable but inaction is unacceptable. We can keep ourselves and our communities safe with commonsense gun violence prevention. That’s what I’m fighting for – and why our movement exists – to offer a different vision for our future: a world where our children can grow up without the constant threat of gun violence.”


“The Court’s decision in this case is a welcome development for the case of constitutional rights and for the Second Amendment.  Law-abiding citizens have all the rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution and the Court has spoken clearly in this case. New Jersey needs to respect this decision and make changes in our current laws to conform to this ruling.”

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