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Left to right: Gov. Phil Murphy, Chief of Staff George Helmy, Supreme Court Justice-designate Michael Noriega, and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin. (Photo: Office of the Governor/Edwin Torres).

New statements in support of Michael Noriega

By David Wildstein, May 16 2023 5:25 pm

Ron Chen, professor of Rutgers Law School:
“Adding someone who has that perspective, given the number of criminal matters that come before the court, really can only enhance the breadth of the perspective the court has.”

Carlos Medina, President & CEO, Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“The Board of the SHCCNJ is thrilled that Governor Murphy will nominate Michael Noriega to the State Supreme Court. One of the Chamber’s missions is to support diversity and ensure that Diverse individuals are represented on Boards of Directors, C-Suites and in senior roles such as this prestigious role on the State’s top court.”

Chairman Luis O. Delahoz, Chairman, Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

As a qualified and local New Jersey talent, so we are very happy to hear about this nomination.”

Arlene Quinones Perez, Esq.

Michael Noriega and I have worked together in the legal profession and in the Latino community for many years. Michael is not only an attorney who is experienced in the courtroom, but also understands the practical needs of people. Thank you Governor Murphy for this nomination!”

NJ Working Families

“Mr. Noriega is not only a skilled attorney, he is also a passionate advocate for social justice who has dedicated his career to protecting some of our society’s most vulnerable. His experience defending the rights of all people in New Jersey, no matter their background, and ensuring that they are treated with dignity in a court of law, have given him a perspective that will bring immeasurable value to our Supreme Court. We applaud this nomination by Gov. Murphy and look forward to seeing Mr. Noriega serving on our highest court.”

Sanar Institute

“Today, the Sanar Institute is proud to witness Michael Noriega’s nomination into the New Jersey Supreme Court.  Michael has served as Board Chair for the Sanar Institute’s volunteer Board of Directors since 2015, where he consistently brings leadership, compassion, empathy, and integrity to support Sanar and its mission, to heal the impact of trauma caused by interpersonal violence through cutting edge, trauma specific services, education, and support.  Throughout his tenure as Chair, Michael has utilized his legal expertise to advocate on behalf of marginalized communities and individuals served by Sanar.  He is a role model that the Sanar leadership strives to model.  We are grateful to Governor Murphy for nominating Michael Noriega as the next State Supreme Court Justice.”

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