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Former Gov. Dick Codey. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe)

Codey praises Wainer Apter’s ‘strength of character and intellect’

Former Governor has voted on confirmation of 19 Supreme Court Justices

By David Wildstein, March 14 2021 10:51 pm

Former Gov. Richard J. Codey (D-Roseland), the longest serving State Senator in New Jersey history, appears likely to support Gov. Phil Murphy’s nomination of Rachel Wainer Apter as an Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court.

“Ms. Wainer Apter’s reputation in the legal community is bar none and my interactions with her have shown me a strength of character and intellect that New Jersey will be proud to have on our highest court,” Codey said in a statement on Thursday.

Since his election to the Senate in 1981, Codey has voted on the initial nominations of nineteen New Jersey Supreme Court Justices, including three chief justices.

If Wainer Apter is considered by the full Senate, Codey would break the record for the most confirmation votes for a Supreme Court Justices in New Jersey history.  He currently holds the record with Gerald Cardinale, a Bergen County Republican who died last month.

In 2014, Codey and Cardinale passed the record held by Frank “Hap” Farley, a legendary Atlantic County senator who had voted yes or no on sixteen Supreme Court nominations.

“If she should be confirmed, our residents should rest comfortably knowing that they have a strong voice on the court that will protect the civil rights of all of our residents for years to come.

“She’s part of the best of New Jersey.”

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