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Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver on Jerry Green

By David Wildstein, April 19 2018 11:16 am

Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver issued a statement this morning on the death of Assemblyman Jerry Green:

“From the very first day I walked into the Assembly in 2004, Jerry Green was there to offer words of encouragement and wisdom honed from his years of service to his district and county, and our entire state. His quiet demeanor and understated humor hid a giant of the Legislature who was unafraid to go to the mat for his constituents and the values of equality, fairness, and opportunity he held deep within himself. During my time as Assembly Speaker, Jerry served as my Speaker Pro Tempore, my partner and confidant for four years. But, Jerry Green was more than my legislative colleague, he was my friend. His wife, Wanda, and everyone who loved Jerry are in my prayers today.”

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