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In Memorium

By David Wildstein, January 08 2023 8:39 pm

Doris Hall, a Logan councilwoman for the last 42 years, died December 23, just 9 days before she was due to take office for a 15th term.  A former deputy mayor, Hall was re-elected on November 8 by 280 votes.

Thomas Hinkle, a former Courier-Post reporter who served as press secretary to Camden Mayor Angelo Errichetti, died on December 29.  He was 77.  He later became a middle school teacher.

Virginia Dodd Hook, who served as a Delaware Township councilwoman and mayor, died on December 23.  She was 98.   Her family had settled the Dodd Town section of East Orange in the 1600s.

Michael Depew, a former Stanhope councilman and retired police officer, died on December 26.  He was 80. 

Max Spinrad, who served as a deputy attorney general of New Jersey under Gov. Richard J. Hughes, died on December 29.  He was 83.  

Richard Melini, who ran State Sen. John Matheussen’s district office in the 1990s, died on December 29.  He was 73.

Anne Rose, who served as an aide to State Sen. Hank McNamara from 1998 to 2008, died on January 5.  She was 86.

Anthony Iraca, who managed the fleet of vehicles used by five New Jersey Governors during his 30 years with the New Jersey National Guard, died on December 25.  He was 85.

Linda Bond-Nelson, who served on the North Plainfield Board of Education from 1992 to 2019, died on December 19.  She was 78.

Ronald Parker, who was nominated as an administrative law judge by Gov. Brendan Byrne in 1980, died on January 4.  He was 90.  Parker had served as director of judicial management and deputy director of the operations in the Office of Administrative Law.   In 1978, Passaic County came close to naming him county administrator, but he would not move from Livingston to meet the county’s residency requirement.

Ronald Peles, a former staff attorney for the New Jersey Office of the Ombudsman for the Institutionalized Elderly and later the township attorney in Greenwich, died on January 4.  He as 65.  Peles also served as municipal prosecutor in Belvidere, Greenwich, Pohatcong, and Phillipsburg.

Robert Bush, a former Morris School District Board of Education member, died on December 25.  He was 90.  His father, Herman L. Bush, had served as a Boston City Councilman from 1926 to 1931.  He was a U.S. Army veteran.

Carolyn Ford Swanstrom, a former Kearny Zoning Board chair, died on December 25.  She was 81.

Frank Demeter, who spent nearly twenty years on the White Township Planning Board, died on December 30.  He was 87.

Harry House, a former Park Ridge Planning Board member, died on December 18. He was 99.

William Pinksavage, a former Jackson Planning Board member, died on January 1.  He was 78.

Lawrence Corrin, a former commissioner of the East Orange Housing Authority, died on December 30.  He was 83.

Kathleen Toal, a Republican county committeewoman in Clark and the mother of longtime Councilman Brian Toal, died on December 27.

Robert Connor, who served as a Democratic county committeeman in Hamilton and a retired state employee, died on December 31.  He was 74.

Calvin Mankowski, a former financial news editor for Reuters, died on December 31.  The Cranford resident was 81.

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