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Florio Tribute: Fred Hillmann

By New Jersey Globe Staff, September 26 2022 8:24 pm

Former Star-Ledger political editor Fred Hillmann made the following statement on the death of former Governor Jim Florio:

“I was deeply saddened when I heard the news. Working for him in his first campaign for governor and then working on his biography, I think I was privileged to get to know him as few people did.  He was truly a multi-faceted man, with an amazing life story and political career, with amazing accomplishments.
“I got to know two Jim Florios.  There was the public Jim Florio who was never afraid to take on the toughest issues.  And even though his strongly held beliefs and positions were sometimes misunderstood, he never compromised on his principles.  And there was the private Jim Florio. Very very smart. Deeply thoughtful about life and democratic-with-a-small-d policy and issues.  A great teacher.  Great to talk to.  With, surprisingly, a great sense of humor. That’s the Jim Florio I will miss the most.
“My heartfelt condolences to Lucinda.”
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