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Acting New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin. (Photo: Tim Larsen/Office of the Attorney General).

Platkin, Department of Consumer Affairs issue guidance on abortion access

Abortion remains fully legal in N.J., but state has taken many steps to protect it further

By Joey Fox, December 07 2022 5:04 pm

Attorney General Matt Platkin, in conjunction with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA), today announced a series of actions that he said would further safeguard abortion access in New Jersey, where abortion remains fully legal even after the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Platkin and the DCA issued a letter to state licensing boards affirming the right to abortion in New Jersey; a “guidance document” for health care providers on how to protect the personal data of patients seeking abortions; and a DCA consumer alert on the purported dangers of anti-abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

“Our state is deeply committed to protecting the rights of those who provide and receive reproductive services, and our office will continue to use every available resource to protect access to abortion care here in New Jersey,” Platkin said in a statement. “The actions we are announcing today will provide vital information to patients and health care providers in order to facilitate unobstructed access to abortion services in New Jersey.”

At the beginning of the year, Gov. Phil Murphy signed the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act (FRCA), a bill that codified abortion access into state law. (A proposed constitutional amendment to do the same, however, foundered last month.)

In June, when the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision revoked the nationwide constitutional right to abortion, Murphy and many legislative Democrats pushed for further legislation to expand abortion access. Most of those proposals remain in limbo, but one pair of bills protecting abortions performed in New Jersey from out-of-state litigation passed the legislature shortly before the summer recess.

More recently, the state Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) issued a recommendation that New Jersey require state-regulated health plans to cover abortions. Provisions in the FRCA gave DOBI the ability to implement such requirements, but only after conducting a study on their effects; that study was released late last month.

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