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Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt

Steinhardt blames Democrats, not Christie, for decline in NJ quality of life indez

GOP state chairman says state is waking up to Murphy’s ‘unabashed liberal polices’

By David Wildstein, February 26 2019 11:03 am

The Republican state chairman blames Gov. Phil Murphy and the Democratic-controlled legislature for a decline in how New Jerseyans feel about their state but doesn’t acknowledge that the state had a Republican governor from 2010 to  2018.

A Monmouth University Poll released yesterday shows the state’s quality of life index at a record low.

“Governor Murphy’s unabashed, liberal policies are waking up New Jersey’s 9 million, weary residents,” said GOP chairman Doug Steinhardt.  “Don’t let bad government chase us out of our homes. Let’s chase bad government out of Trenton, instead.”

Just half rated New Jersey as an excellent (11%) or good (39%) place to live, while 32% view it as just fair and 17% say poor.

That’s a drop from 54% in an April 2018 Monmouth poll.  It’s also down nine points since 2017 and twelve since 2016.

Steinhardt said the poll reflects the public’s dissatisfaction with more than just property taxes, suggesting that some of the responsibility rests on two decades of Democratic control of the state legislature.

“They are sucking the power – and life – out of New Jersey’s communities on and through everything from high density housing, to education, immigration, and over-regulation, and drowning them under the weight of Trenton’s uncontrolled spending,” Steinhardt said.

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