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Gov. Phil Murphy at fiscal year 2023 budget address delivered on March 8, 2022. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe).

Statements on Gov. Murphy’s Budget Address

By David Wildstein, March 08 2022 3:32 pm


“I am pleased the Governor’s budget continues efforts to make New Jersey more affordable, building on the law I championed creating the middle-class tax cut. I have long advocated for fully funding the Homestead Rebate program and so I am pleased to see such a strong commitment to reducing property taxes for New Jerseyans.

“I am also happy that the budget includes no new taxes or fees, maintains over a dozen tax cuts, and includes another record increase in aid to fund our best-in-the-nation schools. Continuing commitments to sound fiscal policy and prudent financial management ensures we are putting people and families first.

“I look forward to a thorough and robust review of the proposed budget by our budget committee and caucus.”


“I welcome the Governor’s proposed budget to address the state’s fiscal needs as we emerge from the pandemic. His plan puts the focus on our shared priorities of making New Jersey more affordable, addressing the financial needs of working people and expanding the state’s economy.
“This is a fiscal plan we can build upon. We will work to develop a budget that finds savings and efficiencies so all our resources are used effectively.
“Our top priority will be property tax relief. We will review all proposals to find the best ways to reduce the tax burden on homeowners, businesses and renters.

“And we will make the strategic investments in the programs and services that improve economic opportunities for every resident of New Jersey. We will put in place a budget that addresses immediate needs and builds a better future.”


“I welcome the Governor’s proposed budget to address the state’s fiscal priorities as we work to emerge from the pandemic. It’s a serious spending plan that will be given a thorough review by the Senate Budget Committee in the months ahead.
“We need to be fiscally responsible with the decisions we make on the use of all our resources and look to identify savings and efficiencies in state spending and government services.
“Our top priority is to find sustainable ways to make the lives of New Jersey’s residents more affordable, to reduce their cost of living and to provide tax relief, especially on property taxes.
“We must be strategic in the use of the federal funds. These resources must be used wisely to invest in state priorities in fiscally responsible ways.
“As we continue to focus on the financial needs of the people of New Jersey, I believe we have to take a two-year budget perspective. We have to be mindful of the national and international conditions that could impact the economy, state revenues and the financial well-being of the state’s residents and businesses.
“We will build on the Governor’s proposal to produce a state budget that addresses our economic needs in a responsible and effective way.”


“The Governor delivered his FY 23 budget address today.  It is great to listen to a budget address against the backdrop of the State’s first credit upgrade in 17 years, 3.8% 3rd quarter GDP growth that is well ahead of regional and national averages, record job growth, and recent unemployment rates that have been revised sharply lower.

“The Governor and Legislature have worked hard in recent years to build a strong economic foundation and this budget is reaping those rewards.  The discussion now is how to wisely steward growing surplus revenues and continue growth, rather than struggling to find cuts or tax increases to protect essential programs. 


“Despite his last-ditch attempt to delay this inevitable embarrassment today, Governor Murphy has delivered a budget that is long on promises but short on the money to pay for all of them. It’s clear now that President Biden’s election year pandemic spending spree only helped Governor Murphy avoid – not solve – his own budgeting problems. Ultimately, it’s New Jersey taxpayers will be left holding the bag for a Governor who has completely abdicated any sense of responsibility for the structural deficits he leaves behind for the next generation.”


“New Jerseyans who are feeling the impact of soaring inflation in their family budgets need tax relief now.  Governor Murphy’s plan to make people wait until 2023 for rebates is too little, too late. Our Give It Back plan would provide real tax relief now to help New Jersey families pay their bills today.”

“The State collected $4.6 billion in taxes that it doesn’t need, we should Give It Back now.  Our plan would provide five times as much tax relief to twice as many New Jerseyans as Governor Murphy’s proposal, and we would do so immediately. Since we have the money in the bank already, there’s no reason to make people wait another year for tax relief as Governor Murphy has proposed.”


“We have worked tirelessly to create a strong economy in New Jersey despite the pandemic. Thanks to that work, we are now able to think seriously about property tax relief, making record investments in our schools, and paying down our debt so future generations are not burdened.

“The budget outlined today reflects our shared values of fiscal restraint and affordability for New Jersey families. I am happy to hear the Governor talking about real property tax relief for residents, and I look forward to working to craft a budget that will make New Jersey more affordable for working and middle class families.”


“I am encouraged by the Governor’s proposed budget, which prioritizes the needs of families in our state, with increases to school funding, investments in child care infrastructure and assistance for taxpayers excluded from statewide tax relief programs. With this year’s budget, we come one step closer to districts around the state reaching full funding. I look forward to the budget discussions and continuing the critical work of repairing and building new schools and ensuring the state has a robust child care system. I am grateful to have the Governor as a partner in efforts to address the learning loss compounded over the last two years. These efforts underscore our commitment as a state to invest in the next generation and work towards a day when all of our students and families have access to the highest quality education in the country.
“As a member of the Senate Budget Committee, I look forward to hearing from residents around the state as we enter into the budget process. I am confident the final product will be something we can all be proud of, a budget which represents the needs of our residents and offers support to those in our state who need it the most.”


“New Jersey residents are confronting a real economic crisis, one that is wreaking havoc on their finances and crippling their lives. Yet, the Governor’s Budget proposal is void of any long-term plans to help alleviate the burdens carried on the backs of taxpayer.  Our residents deserve better; they deserve tangible recovery proposals to help combat the fiscal nightmares they now face. Instead of one-off limited rebate programs, the administration should be investing in ideas that would offer substantive relief like a moratorium on the unemployment insurance tax or rolling back the gas tax as well as ideas to lower property taxes all to increase affordability.”


“The Governor’s budget proposes an astonishing $2.5 billion increase in spending for Fiscal Year ‘23. This is on top of a combined $8 billion in previous years for a grand total of over $48 billion since he took office.  The huge increase in spending coupled with borrowed money spells impending doom for future budgets and generations of New Jersey residents. When one time revenue sources evaporate, they will leave gaping holes that can only be filled enormous tax increases. Taxpayers simply cannot bear the burden of such unsustainable spending.”


“When the Murphy administration is sitting on a huge windfall of taxpayer funds, there’s no excuse for anyone to oppose providing tax relief to workers when they get small cost-of-living raises to account for inflation.  I know Governor Murphy will never want to lower a tax, but it’s a small cost to the State when we’re swimming in money. It’s also the right thing to do to help low- and moderate-income families living paycheck to paycheck.”

“Families are struggling with higher grocery prices due to inflation and surging gas prices due to the war in Ukraine.  It’s shocking that Governor Murphy would add to that burden by allowing unnecessary tax and toll increases to take effect when he already has billions he wasn’t expecting in the bank. He should look at our Senate Republican plan to give it back immediately to New Jerseyans who could use tax relief now.”


“Since taking office, Murphy has increased spending by an outlandish 40 percent. He is trying to hide behind what he calls the ANCHOR Property Tax Program, which comes far short of delivering any real relief to residents. The only anchor today is the unsustainable spending plan that will sink families deeper and deeper into the muck of New Jersey unaffordability.”

“The Republican approach would provide five times more tax relief, putting more money back into pockets of twice as many struggling New Jersey families.  It would yield more money now when people need it the most.

“Instead, Murphy gives them a supersized budget showing spending of $48.9 billion. If you factor in $3 billion of off-budget federal aid and $600 million unfactored capital spending accounts, the increase is insane. What family runs their budget like Governor Murphy runs the state budget?”

“It seems the benefits of Murphy’s spending spree have not reached the hard-working citizens of New Jersey.”

“New Jersey’s citizens are being faced with the highest property taxes in the country, hyperinflation at the supermarket and at the gas pump. One third of businesses have gone bankrupt under Murphy with the remaining businesses facing massive increases on employer’s payroll taxes while the Governor’s response to affordability has been to increase rebate programs by only 2 percent of the total New Jersey State property taxes.”

“Inflation has already evaporated the limited benefits of the Governor’s tax relief ANCHOR. It will have little effect on improving the lives of New Jersey’s citizens, an example of yet another missed opportunity.”


“The Murphy Administration has made a tremendous effort to address housing insecurity during the pandemic, leading the nation with programs and policies that protect vulnerable homeowners and renters. We may be past the pinnacle of the pandemic, but the economic toll its left on families along with rising inflation has so many struggling to keep a roof over their head. Our state and federal leaders must make investments in housing affordability, stability and security to lay a foundation that helps create a more affordable NJ for generations to come.

“Affordability is a major concern for NJ residents and to build back better and equitably, we have to work towards ensuring housing security and stability for all NJ residents. We are glad that the governor’s budget does not divert the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and invests in affordable rental homes in municipal fair share housing plans. The proposals presented today are a step in the right direction and the final budget should include investments that can end homelessness, dismantle the racial wealth gap, and create more affordable homes for everyone. We look forward to working with Governor Murphy, Lieutenant Governor Oliver and members of the NJ Legislature to strengthen our communities and keep NJ housed.”


“With a massive budget surplus from American Rescue Plan funds and strong revenue collections, New Jersey has the resources to help ensure all our state residents have the opportunities they need to thrive and prosper, especially those impacted by the pandemic and a new European war. In the past year Governor Murphy and our Legislature have made a number of significant and impactful investments in New Jersey’s working families. These include expanding Affordable Care Act access, providing critical assistance with mortgages, rent and eviction protection, and connecting households with assistance for utility bills.

“We strongly applaud the Governor’s continuing commitment to low-and moderate-income families through badly-needed investments in affordable housing construction, housing tax credits, and millions of dollars in home buyer down-payment assistance. The proposed  pre-K expansion and expanded access to capital will provide significant economic opportunities for workers with children and small business owners. We also strongly applaud the Governor’s commitment to providing  $53 million in direct monetary relief to ITIN workers who have been excluded from pandemic relief efforts.

“But many New Jerseyans continue to struggle, and we ​urge Governor Murphy and our Legislature to prioritize more investments in working families and our most vulnerable residents over tax breaks for corporations. Many economic recovery programs are overstretched and will require more resources if they are to provide needed support, especially for communities and individuals that have not yet received relief. We urge more investments in relief for excluded workers and programs providing assistance for mortgages, rent and eviction protection. The federal Child Tax Credit lifted millions out of poverty, and we call for the establishment of a state Child Tax Credit as our own powerful anti-poverty tool. Finally, we urge New Jersey to deliver on the promise of health care for all children through Cover All Kids.

“The federal and state resources available this budget year provide New Jersey with a historic opportunity. By making sound investments we can lift millions out of economic insecurity and ensure all New Jerseyans have the opportunities they need to both recover from the pandemic and look forward to a far more prosperous future.”


“We are encouraged by Governor Murphy’s commitment to remove lead service lines across the state—once and for all—in an effort to promote the health of our children and families.  The governor and state legislature must now take the next step to honor that commitment by making a definitive—and substantive—infrastructure investment that will protect all New Jerseyans.”


“While we appreciate the governor’s centering of the importance of affordability in New Jersey, it is not enough to ensure that we have affordable housing—we must also ensure it is safe to live in.  And that means investing in eliminating sources of lead in paint and drinking water pipes that can harm our families.”


“While Governor Murphy and the state legislature have made some progress on water infrastructure issues, there is much more to do.  We are disappointed that the Governor’s budget address didn’t offer more on water infrastructure–ten words in a budget address is not nearly enough.  There is no better way to commit to an affordability agenda than to expand investment in water infrastructure. Lead service lines and chemicals like PFAs threaten the health of our families, deteriorating combined sewer systems cause sewage backups in our streets, homes, and businesses, and old stormwater systems can’t handle more runoff from extreme weather.  For perspective, New Jersey loses an estimated 130 million gallons of treated drinking water each day to leaky pipes. Over the course of a year, you could fill the American Dream Mall 14 times over with the amount of drinking water we lose. This is literally money going down the drain.   Ratepayers not only have to pay the cost of lost drinking water, but will also be on the hook for the removal of lead service lines, as well as efforts to remove harmful chemicals from drinking water, stormwater improvements, and combined sewer upgrades. These projects will only get more and more expensive as time passes.   The good news is, Governor Murphy and the state legislature have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use $1.2 billion of American Rescue Plan funds to accelerate investment in clean water and save New Jersey families from unaffordable water and sewer bills.”


“New Jersey’s finances are stronger today than they’ve been in more than a decade — proof that progressive tax policy is fiscally responsible tax policy. The economy is not an abstract concept, but something we all build together by making sure all families have the resources they need to make ends meet.“Governor Murphy’s budget proposal recognizes that you can’t cut your way to prosperity. Affordability doesn’t come from reducing public investments that help people get ahead, but by funding the building blocks of strong communities. This year’s budget increases investments in education at every level, expands access to affordable health care, and funds the creation of new, affordable homes. These sorts of investments are how we build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out — not the top down.“With one in ten residents living in poverty, and millions more struggling to get by, the state’s robust financial condition presents lawmakers with a historic opportunity to think even bigger. By expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit and other assistance that puts cash back in the pockets of working families, and supporting innovative policies like a state-level child tax credit, lawmakers can advance equity and make New Jersey affordable for all.”


“As with everything the devil is in the details. The Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey (CCSNJ) looks forward to evaluating the details of Governor Murphy’s proposed FY2023 state budget to better understand the ways in which it helps the small businesses community, which is so in need, as well as the overall South Jersey region. It’s undeniable that the FY2023 state budget is bloated at $48.9 billion, which is an approximate five percent increase in spending over the FY2022 proposal and a nearly 31 percent increase over the Governor’s first budget in FY2019. Although the CCSNJ is always pleased when no new taxes are proposed, those in the business community have already faced a tax increase due to the automatic Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax, which went into effect last fall and will continue to increase over the next two years unless state government uses federal funds, as other states have done, to offset future increases on employers. Still, the CCSNJ looks forward to supporting the additional $50 million being allocated to the Main Street Recovery Finance Program, allocations to the NJ Wind Institute, and exploring the affordability measures the Governor stated is one of the key themes of the FY2023 state budget.”


“And, in light of settlements just last week with drug corporations for their role fueling the overdose crisis – it’s key that legislation like S783/A1488 pass immediately so those funds are dedicated to ending the overdose crisis and don’t result in less state investment, or god forbid those funds simply disappearing in NJ’s general fund.”


“Governor Murphy’s proposed FY23 budget is focused on economic growth and affordability while creating no new taxes or fees and making yet another full payment to the pension fund which are all laudable.  We applaud the increase in funding to workforce development, apprenticeship programs and the Main Street Recovery Fund which has been a lifeline to many small businesses in the state. We are also encouraged by the new ANCHOR property tax relief program for renters and homeowners, but we would like to see a similar property tax relief program for businesses as well. However, CIANJ would like to see more of the federal money New Jersey has received being used to replenish the unemployment insurance fund and pay down even more of the state’s debt.”


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