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Some ballots for the June 7, 2020 New Jersey primary election are not being delivered because a computer glitch didn't include an apartment number on the label.

Some ballots not being delivered because computer glitch left off apartment number

New Statewide Voter Registration System keeps crashing, reports of multiple problems in advance of June 7 New Jersey primary

By David Wildstein, June 19 2020 3:02 pm

There are reports of a new computer glitch in a new New Jersey’s Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) that caused some ballots to not pick up apartment numbers on the mailing label.

That means some voters who live an apartment are not receiving their vote-by-mail ballot because the U.S. Postal Service won’t deliver a ballot that doesn’t include an apartment number.

This is just the latest in a series of technical problems with the state’s new voter database software.

Several election officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, reported dozens of occurrences so far.

The New Jersey Globe reported on Wednesday that the voter registration system has faced frequent crashes that has terrified county election officials seeking to run the state’s first primary election conducted mostly through vote-by-mail ballots.

There are reports of malfunctions with integrating data collected by the state Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) into the state voter database, leaving some election officers without the ability to properly sent out some Democratic and Republican ballots.

The Globe reported on Thursday that the post office is mistakenly returning some ballots to the voters who mailed them and not to the county Board of Elections.

The post office has faced criticism in recent months for not delivering ballots directly to an apartment resident’s mailbox, but instead leaving them unsorted in postal lobby areas where bulk-rate circulars are left.

Officials had complained last month that a software malfunction delayed the mailing of some military and overseas ballots.

The SVRS vendor, KnowInk, has been unable to fix glitches.

The Division of Elections awarded a $17 million contract in 2013 to maintain the SVRS to Everyone Counts, a company based in LaJolla, California.   That company was later acquired by the Cleveland-based Votem Corp.

Votem sold the New Jersey contract to KnowInk.

The new DVRS database was initially scheduled to change over to a new system in 2019 but delays moved changes to 2020.

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