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Republican State Chairman Michael Lavery.

Republicans push back Hugin election one week so primary results can be certified

By David Wildstein, June 11 2021 3:24 pm

GOP State Chairman Michael Lavery has rescheduled their reorganization meeting to June 23 in order to allow county clerks to certify the 42 winners of races for Republican State Committee seats.

The new meeting date will not affect yesterday’s filing deadline.  Bob Hugin, who was tapped for the post by the Republican nominee for governor, Jack Ciattarelli, remains unopposed.

“It is customary for our Gubernatorial nominee to nominate the State Committee chairman, and I am proud to join Jack Ciattarelli in supporting Bob Hugin for that role,” Lavery said.  “I am confident that through Bob’s strong leadership, the Republican Party in New Jersey will continue to build, grow, and expand so that we can provide our candidates with the knowledge, tools and resources to be successful in 2021 and beyond.”

Lavery said that some state committee members reached out to him “and made the salient point that State Committee elections will not be certified by the Secretary of State until the 22nd.”

“The delay in certifying elections created by the vote by mail process will require a bylaw change so that this issue does not arise in the future,” Lavery said.

The state party by-laws would not have permitted a June 15 election event without changes to the certification deadline.  The meeting should have been held on June 17, the date the Democratic State Committee has scheduled their election.

Gov. Phil Murphy is backing Essex County Democratic Chairman LeRoy Jones, Jr. as the new Demcoratic State Chairman.  He will replace John Currie, who has held the post since 2013.

Lavery, who had remained neutral during the gubernatorial primary, also endorsed Ciattarelli.

“Jack Ciattarelli is a tremendous leader, and I am confident we have chosen the best candidate to defeat Phil Murphy in November,” he stated.  “I  look forward to supporting him and taking this state back.”

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