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Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz (R-Summit)

Murphy administration says Munoz sat on sidelines while Christie cut NJ Transit funding

Assemblywoman says Murphy should own problems at beleaguered transit agency

By David Wildstein, September 19 2019 6:37 pm

The Murphy administration today hurled its strongest attack yet against a Republican legislator, slamming Assembly Minority Whip Nancy Munoz (R-Summit) for being a Chris Christie acolyte as the former Governor cut funding and services for New Jersey Transit.

The comments came after Munoz called for the public release of background checks for NJ Transit boss Kevin Corbett following a New Jersey Globe report that Corbett pays practically no property taxes on 5 ½ acres of his Mendham property because he’s raising sheep as a hobby.

“Given Assemblywoman Munoz’s track record of complete and utter failure to hold Governor Christie accountable as he gutted and decimated NJ Transit for eight years, it is not surprising to see her turn to disingenuous personal attacks to deflect attention from her lack of substantive solutions,” said Dan Bryan, a senior advisor to Gov. Phil Murphy.

Murphy selected Corbett, a former executive at the engineering giant AECOM, to run the embattled transit agency he called “a national disgrace.”

Munoz, who has been critical of Murphy administration’s plan to fix mass transit in the state, told the Globe this week that Corbett should pick which job he wants: transit boss or sheep farmer.

“Every time a train is canceled or delayed, I bet commuters will now wonder if the executive director is out sheering sheep,” Munoz said.

But while Munoz has been vocal on transit issues since Murphy took office, most Republicans were bystanders when Christie cut funding for public transportation and the ARC tunnel.

“Governor Murphy and NJ Transit CEO Kevin Corbett are fully committed to turning around NJ Transit and ensuring New Jersey commuters have the safe, reliable mass transportation agency they deserve, an effort that is already well underway despite the petty politics on display here,” Bryan said.

Munoz dismissed the comments from the governor’s office, saying that Murphy is in charge and the success or failure of the agency now rests with him.

“Murphy might be committed but he certainly isn’t turning it around. He’s almost halfway through his first term but it’s gotten a lot worse since he took over,” Munoz said.  “In fact, it’s the worst it’s ever been for on-time performance and breakdowns.  He cancelled service on the Raritan Valley Line and hasn’t told us when it will begin again. When will he realize this is now his problem and he’s the only person who can fix it?”

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