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Morris County Commissioner Deborah Smith

Morris Commissioner Deborah Smith backs Ciattarelli

By David Wildstein, January 12 2021 7:47 pm

Jack Ciattarelli now has the backing of six of seven Morris County Commissioners after Deborah Smith announced her support on Tuesday.

“I am happy to support and endorse Jack’s candidacy for Governor. Doug is a friend and has been a true leader for our party as chairman,” said Smith, who had not yet formally endorsed anyone in the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.  “But, in light of his decision to drop out, my hope is that Morris County Republicans – and Republicans across the state – get behind Jack.”

Last month, Ciattarelli announced endorsements from Commissioners Doug Cabana, Kathy DeFilippo, John Krickus, Tayfun Selen and Stephen Shaw, along with County Clerk Ann Grossi and Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-Denville).

“Here in Morris County, we know how to put conservative policies into action and deliver results for our residents.  We have held the line on property taxes, invested in our infrastructure and proactively navigated our way through this pandemic,” Smith said.  “We are a model for how the state should operate, and Jack Ciattarelli understands that in a way Phil Murphy clearly does not.”

Smith’s endorsement leaves Tom Mastrangelo as the lone Morris County Commissioner not to back Ciattarelli.

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