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Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, left, announces his endorsement of Phil Murphy for Governor in September 2016.

Fulop says Murphy struggles result of Democratic infighting

‘He’s on the right side of the issues,’ Jersey City mayor says about governor

By David Wildstein, June 24 2019 2:23 pm

Gov. Phil Murphy won some praise today from a former political rival, who blamed the legislature for blocking some of his political initiatives, like legal weed.

“You’ve got a lot of infighting amongst Democrats in Trenton and nothing’s getting done,” said Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop.

Fulop made his comments today during a radio appearance on Ebro in the Morning on Hot97 FM.

“Fighting is about money, essentially,” said Fulop. “It’s about patronage and nonsense that people shouldn’t be fighting over and a lot of things are getting left by the wayside by collateral damage. There’s fighting and people are blocking things that probably are good for the state, just because.”

Fulop said Murphy is “trying hard.”

“He’s had trouble getting things accomplished because of the infighting in Trenton, but he’s working hard and I think he’s on the right side of the issues,” Fulop said. “I think he’s working real hard. I think that he’s trying. I think that he’s running into some pretty stiff headwinds on just Trenton and that’s been tough for him.

Murphy and Fulop have a “good relationship,” the mayor said about his onetime opponent for the 2017 Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

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