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Democrats outpace GOP voter registration by 2-1 margin in January

Road to 1 million Dem registration edge is in site

By David Wildstein, February 07 2020 10:00 am

Democrats are likely to outnumber by Republicans in New Jersey by more than one million during the first half of the year, especially if the race for the Democratic presidential nomination is not over before the June primary election.

The state now has 982,980 more Democrats than Republicans, according to voter registration statistics from the New Jersey Secretary of State.

In January, New Jersey added 1,577 Democrats and 772 Republicans.  An additional 3,290 voters were added to the rolls as unaffiliateds, sometimes referred to as independents.

New Jersey is also on a path to have more registered Democrats than unaffiliateds.  There are now 68,232 more unaffiliateds than Democrats.

During the five months before the 2016 New Jersey primary, the state added 47,773 Democrats, 28,819 Republicans, and 46,158 unaffiliateds.

Unaffiliated voters may declare their party affiliation when they go to vote in the primary election.

After the 2016 primary, Democratic registration jumped by 106,021 voters.  New Jersey added 50,535 Republicans.  Unaffiliated registration went down by 139,858 voters.

The Democratic voter registration edge in November 2013, the last time a Republican won a statewide election in New Jersey, was 732,706.

Gov. Chris Christie’s margin in that race was 468,954.

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