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Corzine’s shutdown poll numbers

By David Wildstein, June 19 2018 2:17 pm

A little history on New Jersey budget wars and the 2019 elections.

Gov. Jon Corzine finished the 2006 state government shutdown with a 44%-38% approval rating, according to a Quinnipiac University poll that went into the field the day the budget won approval.  That number was up just slightly from a 39%-41% approval rating four weeks earlier.

By a 45%-51% margin, New Jersey voters disapproved of Corzine shutting down state government to force a budget compromise with the Democratic-controlled Legislature.  The Legislature had a 20%-71% approval rating.

By the fall of 2007, Corzine had a 49%-40% approval rating and the Legislature had jumped to 30%-54%.

The 2006 shutdown had little effect on the 2007 mid-term elections: Democrats picked up one State Senate seat – Jeff Van Drew beat Nicholas Asselta and Jim Whelan took out interim Sen. Sonny McCullough, and Republican Jennifer Beck unseated Ellen Karcher.   Republicans picked up one Assembly seat, moving their needle from 31 seats to 32.

Corzine wound up losing re-election in 2009, and Republicans picked up one more Assembly seat that year.

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