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Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick. Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe.

Assembly GOP poses questions for Murphy

All 26 Assembly Republicans want answers from Governor

By David Wildstein, October 12 2018 10:56 pm

All 26 members of the Assembly Republican Caucus have signed a letter to Gov. Phil Murphy asking 22 questions about the role of Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez in the sexual misconduct investigation of former campaign staffer and administration official Albert Alvarez.

The Republicans are seeking information about whether Suarez, who was rumored to be under consideration as Murphy’s pick for attorney general, thoroughly investigated the allegations against Alvarez.  The assembly members questioned the extent of Suarez’s own relationship with Alvarez.

“A volunteer on your campaign had the courage and conviction to make her circumstances known, and she was greeted with a disappointing lack of action. It seems that there is a bias of what is acceptable and what is not,” the GOP legislators wrote the governor.  “Sexual violence is not a partisan issue, and the public officials of our state have affirmed that time and again. We expect more of our governor and remain hopeful that a complete legislative investigation finds the truth.”

The full list of Republican questions:

1. Did the victim directly report to Alvarez on the campaign?
2. When was your campaign staff made aware of the allegations?
3. When was the Governor’s Office staff made aware?
4. Did the allegations occur during work hours, or on campaign premises?
5. When the allegations became known did the victim’s volunteer role change?
6. What was the environment of your campaign before and after the allegations?
7. What did the campaign memo circulated regarding the allegations entail?
8. Were you made aware of either allegation? If so, when?
9. What was your initial response to the allegations?
10. What did you, or your staff, do after becoming aware of the allegations?
11. Why didn’t the allegations raise any red flags with the administration?
12. Why did you think it was appropriate to allow Alvarez to remain on the campaign, and continue to work on your transition team and in your administration?
13. When was law enforcement notified? If so, did law enforcement investigate?
14. What is the extent of the relationship between Alvarez and the Hudson County Prosecutor?
15. How in-depth was the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office investigation?
16. How many people were interviewed by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office?
17. Why did the prosecutor decide to not press charges?
18. Did you implement any interim protective measures?
19. Did your staff investigate the allegation internally?
20. Why did it take so long for your staff to respond?
21. Was there an informal resolution?
22. Were any sanctions imposed?

Assembly Republican Caucus Letter to Gov. Murphy
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