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Van Drew vs. Grossman: no endorsement from Press of AC

Newspaper announced in October that would make no endorsements

By David Wildstein, November 01 2018 9:45 am

This story was updated to include The Press of Atlantic City policy on candidate endorsements.

The Press of Atlantic City did not endorse any candidate in the race for Frank LoBiondo’s open House seat in New Jersey’s 2nd district.

The newspaper said last month that they have adopted a no-endorsement policy.

“Telling readers how to vote, however, is contrary to the mission of newspapers and other media, which is to extend the public’s experience and perspectives. Newsgathering organizations give the public eyes, ears and memory beyond the capability of an individual. People want them to be reliable and credible. When the media start making judgments, their audiences wonder if they’re altering their content to support that judgment too,” the editorial board wrote.

In an editorial dated October 31, the newspaper decided not to take sides in the race between Democrat Jeff Van Drew and Republican Seth Grossman, saying that “the contrast between the leading congressional candidates in South Jersey’s 2nd District could hardly be greater.”

“Voters have a good, meaningful choice between major party congressional candidates in the 2nd District. If progressive Democrats and moderate Republicans struggle making it, they can start working toward what they think would be a better option next time.,” the editorial board wrote.  “Whoever wins on Tuesday will face voters again in two years.”

The Atlantic City newspaper did not address allegations that Grossman has made racist statements, something that caused him to lose the support of the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee and the New Jersey Republican State Committee.

“Van Drew is the mirror image of Republican Rep. Frank LoBiondo, who is retiring in the 2nd District. Both are moderates, almost centrists, who focus on constituent services,” the Press of Atlantic City said.  “They generally support their party’s agenda while leaving it occasionally on issues of importance to South Jersey residents.”

They noted that Grossman would work with the House Freedom Caucus.

“Grossman’s mission in Congress would be to protect the agenda of President Donald Trump and focus on national issues such as the Constitution, personal and economic freedom, and restoring the ability ‘to have an honest discussion on any issue,’” the editorial board wrote.

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One thought on “Van Drew vs. Grossman: no endorsement from Press of AC

  1. The Real Reason Why the Press of AC is Not Endorsing Anyone in NJ-2 ‘s Race is That They Realize My Cousin ANTHONY PARISI SANCHEZ is going to pull off the biggest upset in American Political History!!!! The Gutless Press of AC’s Editor Kris Worrell and their Publisher Mark Blum is in hot water for NEVER reporting Mr. Parisi Sanchez’s first State Senate Race in 2011 which He ran as a Write-in Candidate but was thrown into the Cape May County Jail for 954 days where he was beaten, tortured, starved and stripped of ALL of his Civil and Due Process Rights.

    The New Jersey Globe Should Also Know that because of his arrest and our reports to the correct Federal Agencies Power broker George Norcross III, his brother Congressman Don Norcross III, Former Disgraced Idiot Chris Christie and His Brother Todd as well as Congressional Candidate Jeff Van Drew and Dave DeWeese are going to shortly be arrested and charged with some serious crimes which our lawyers are writing briefs requesting the death penalty for those who committed these heinous crimes against humanity against our brother, dear friend and Marine.

    This is also why Power Broker George Norcross, Chris Christie, and Jeff van Drew Have Round the Clock Protection by the NJ State Police. Nobody Tortures a US Marine and Lives to Tell About it! The Parisi’s, the Sanchez’s and many Selective Service veterans of every branch are now in New Jersey vowing to KIll the Christies, Norcross’s and Van Drew’s unless ALL are immediately charged, placed under arrest and swiftly prosecuted for wartime type criminal acts against humanity which should easily qualify for the US Death penalty.

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