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Trump upside-down in NJ, new poll says

By David Wildstein, October 07 2018 5:33 pm

A CBS News poll released Sunday has President Donald Trump’s New Jersey approval rating at an upside-down 43%-57%.

Just 13% of New Jersey likely voters say they’ll vote in the mid-term election mainly because of Trump.

34% of New Jerseyans want a Senator who tries to oppose Trump as much as they can, and another 23% want a U.S. Senator who is progressive but tries to work with Trump at times.  19% want a conservative Senator who is at times independent of Trump.  And 24% of New Jerseyans are looking for a Senator who will support Trump as much as he can.

Nearly half of New Jersey likely voters (46%) want Democrats to gain control of the United States Senate, while 32% want Republicans to keep their majority.  A little more than two out of ten (22%) of New Jersey voters say their vote for the Senate in not about which party controls the Senate.”

The same poll has incumbent Bob Menendez with a 49%-39% lead in the race for U.S. Senate against Republican Bob Hugin.

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