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State Sen. Joseph Lagana (D-Paramus). (Photo: New Jersey Globe.)

Sweeney pulls Lagana committee assignments over vaccination vote

Bergen County Democrat dropped from Judiciary, Health panels

By David Wildstein, January 14 2020 6:07 pm

Senate President Steve Sweeney has removed State Sen. Joseph Lagana (D-Paramus) from the Senate Judiciary Committee over his refusal to support the Senate leadership on legislation to end religious exemptions for childhood vaccines.

In his place, Sweeney has put State Sen. Brian Stack (D-Union City) back on the Judiciary Committee.  The senate president had dropped Stack last year after the Hudson County Democrat sided with Gov. Phil Murphy on legislative redistricting.

Lagana also lost his seats on the Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee and instead will serve on the Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

More importantly, the New Jersey Globe has learned that Lagana has lost his leadership money – additional funds to supplement his annual staff allowance.

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83 thoughts on “Sweeney pulls Lagana committee assignments over vaccination vote

    1. Thank you Sen. Lagana For truly representing your constituency, democracy, and constitutional rights. The people truly appreciate your actions despite whatever consequences of dirty politics you encounter. We will vote Sweeney out and you in!

  1. So Senator Lagana gets punished by bully Sweeney (funds removed and displaced off of committees) for not blindly agreeing with him to remove parental rights? You know what Senator Lagana , you don’t need Sweeney’s money, you have our votes. Thanks for standing up to the bully. We will remember in November! You are a Leader

    1. This is Hitler at work. This is how it started years ago, first they brainwash our young then bully others into doing what they want or else. He is corrupt, Remember this on voting day.

  2. Lagana Is being punished for trying to respond to the will of the people. I thought that was what democracy is. I guess Sweeney has another definition.

    1. He didn’t just try….He DID IT! Lagana is a champion and Sweeney has shown the world EXACTLY what he is!

  3. Pulling duties on Senator Lagana all because Senator Sweeney didn’t get his way with taking away religious and constitutional rights while segregating and discriminating against the American people? This is so wrong and nothing shy of bullying tactics. However, are seeing through him and for what he really stands for which will eventually catch up with him.

      1. Biologics or Vaccines. Vaccine mandates is what Lagana refused to vote for and vaccination is a medical procedure.

  4. ABSOLUTELY disgraceful. First, Sweeney tries to strong arm the younger senators, and when they do what’s right by the citizens they serve and don’t bow to the king, they get fired from their positions. We need more legislators like Mr. Lagana, and A LOT less like Sweeney.
    Mr. Lagana, thank-you for standing true to your principles and for not SELLING OUT like Sweeney did years ago. What goes around, comes around, and Sweeney’s day is coming, make no mistake.

  5. Shame on Sweeney! Is this even legal? You replace someone because they don’t agree with you? How can our representatives be expected to work for us if they have to fear retributions? That’s not democracy.

  6. OMG, Sweeney does whatever he wants, whenever he wants for his own agenda. Such corruption. How does this serve NJ? He should be recalled.

  7. what kind of a democracy is this? what is the point of a vote if you think you can’t get it thru you just pull it?? I’m so confused as to what is happening here!! Also Sweeney said he will “go to war” over vaccine bill… What kind of person goes to war with his own people??

    1. What? You want to go to war against your constituents in favor of your own pocketbook, and punish other senators for voting their conscience!? We will get you out Slimey Sweeney!

  8. it just show’s everyone it’s about what Sweeney has to do for his special interests not the people of new jersey.

  9. Sweeney the Swine playing mean childhood games – Lagana didn’t play by Sweeney’s rules, which would line Sweeney’s own pockets, and now he’s mad. You’ll be voted OUT Sweeney!

  10. What a disgusting poor excuse of a human being sweeney is proving himself to be! Your career will soon be over!!

  11. Sweeney is an anti freedom, anti religion bully. But his tactics are backfiring as the legislature is slowly turning more red. These representatives miss the point that they are supposed to represent the will of their constituents

  12. In other words, don’t listen to the people and think independently of party lines, or else be punished. Pathetic of Sweeney, but expected from corrupt politicians.

    1. Dirty workings in Trenton. Sweeney says nothing with George Norcross’s hand up his a$$ moving his lips. He left his wife and daughter down syndrome for a young girl in state house. Should not be representing the people!!

  13. So what this shows, is that politicians are FORCED to vote a certain way. If they don’t, they’re repremanded. Guess what Sweeney, YOU WORK FOR US, not the pHARMaceutical companies. Once we the people, release your pHARMa donations, your seat will be gone. What a sleaze!

  14. More bullying from “Slimey Sweeney”. Good for Lagana sticking to his principles despite Sweeney’s attempts to strongarm everyone. The bill went directly against the N.J. Constitution. Assemblyman Holley is right, it was about segregation and disproportionately would have affected some N.J. citizens over others.

  15. Sweeny is being a bully and this proves how corrupt he is. The people don’t want this bill. Sweeny knows it but money speaks louder than the people he is supposed to be serving.

  16. Sweeney is forgetting that we are living in a free country and he is a public SERVANT. Another for sale politician representing own interests over our country. He has to go.

  17. First You corrupt politicians allow Jersey to poison the kids with lead and now to add insult to injury You want to strip Parents right to choose what is allowed into their bodies. Who do YOU ‘Think’ YOU are? Please do not have Children!
    You cannot be this stupid. You are BOUGHT! You are a SLAVE! You worship the golden calf and Your bank account only. #KILLTHEBILL
    #WeWillNeverConsent #HearThisWell

  18. Sweeney is a bought politician who cares nothing about the real reasons various people don’t vaccinate, like religious convictions, previous injury, or medical contraindications. Now, he is playing dirty politics by getting rid of his opposition on the council and saying he is at war with his constituents. Look up Dr. Polkin’s court testimony on the use of fetal cells in vaccines….it’s disgusting.

  19. Sweeney is absolute slime. How is this LEGAL? You can’t punish Senators!!! for not voting your way! Pure evil. Satan walking the earth, in the flesh. #wewillvoteyouOUT

  20. Sweeney sounds like a swine. How is that legal? So if you don’t rub my back I will make your life miserable? He disgusts me. Vote him out!

  21. Senator Lagara I just Wanted to say thank you for voting the right way and standing up for that bully and staying strong for the b state of New Jersey :…, you got my vote 100% GOD BLESS YOU and GOD BLESS THE USA 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  22. This should be illegal! Punishing a fellow politician for not supporting your legislation?! This is dirty and should not be allowed. NJ, the only way to stop this behavior is to vote out corrupt politicians like Sweeney. Take your feelings to the polls!

  23. Lagana was doing his job…..representing the people and upholding the constitution. But I guess it doesn’t work that way when the Senate President steps into the role of dictator who goes to “war” with the very people he is supposed to serve. Get the picture?

  24. How is this even legal? Sweeney is corrupt and only wants this bill to pass so he can get his bonus from big pharma. He is a disgusting, vile human corrupt human being. Making false statements proving he knows nothing about vaccine ingredients or safety.

  25. I know that some of you may not agree with all or many of Senator Lagana’s political views, but it is really treacherous to buck party leadership and if you want to see more votes like his, where he puts his voters interests ahead of his, then I ask you to send him a one-time campaign donation (which is what all of this strong-arming is about) with the note “Thank you for putting voters first!” I did. For the record, he is not my state senator, but I am fully realizing that, as voters, we often get what we pay for – nothing. Small donations with encouraging words may embolden other elected officials to buck wayward party leaders and actually represent their voters. God bless you all.

  26. Thank you Lagana for standing up to the school yard bully! Nobody likes bully’s! The people of NJ and all across America have your back and will not forget you!! You stood for the people! Don’t worry Nov 2020 will be epic!😉

  27. Thank you Lagana for standing up to the school yard bully! Nobody likes bully’s! The people of NJ and all across America have your back and will not forget you!! You stood for the people! Don’t worry Nov 2020 will be epic!😉

  28. You’re a sick man Sweeney (weenie). It’s okay, you’re career will be over before you know it but God never forgets. Hope you’re ready to pay for all your mistakes for all of eternity when your time comes. Easy to fill your pockets now but you can’t take those riches with you on your road to hell

  29. I hope the other legislators stand up against these bullying and punitive tactics and choose a new Senate president who respects his colleagues and the institution.

  30. This is how the democrat mafia works. Punish those who stand on principles and votes their conscience. This is so corrupt… what’s the phrase I’m looking for…. QUID PRO QUO. …Vote the way Sweeney wants and you’ll get nice committee positions. Dare to fall out of step and be punished.
    Sweeney is the epitome of “corrupt politician.”

  31. Sweeney is a twant Satans minion a disgusting excuse for a human being may justice be served and his end comes sooner rather than later

  32. Sweeney is a swine! How can he discriminate against Senator Lagana for listening to his constituents on a corrupt legislation that would impinge upon constitutional freedom of religion? VOTE SWEENEY OUT! We have your back Lagana!!

  33. This is absurd and has to end! Bully tactics in our government?? This needs to end! A revolution is upon us! We can NOT sit and allow this corrupt government take away our human freedoms and parental rights!! We must STAND and FIGHT no matter what or we ourselves are allowing this tyranny to destroy what our ancestors fought so hard for us to have! Government is supposed to help us, not destroy! How can punishing a Senator be legal? Because he didnt vote Sweeny’$ way….what the hell?!?!?!?! This has to end!! These corrupt politicians need to be taken down some serious notches, because WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT TAKE IT ANY LONGER!!!!

  34. My kids are fascinated by Sweeney’s soap opera behavior: dirty tricks/changing the rules (pulled existing Senators off Health committee back in Dec. and replaced them w.Yes-voting senators who promised to do his bidding) , bullying/threatening when he doesn’t get his way and now absolute+obvious punishment against members of his own party who voted independently. This is what happens when an undereducated local-yokel egomaniac rises to become a state leader. He has plenty of company in that category… Weinberg, Connoway, et al. These folks could not think their way out of a paper bag much less contend with complex public health issues, yet they’re running the NJ Senate. But it’s easy to run things if the heart of the job involves taking bribes and rubber-stamping pharma-written legislation! It’s mind-numbing and shameful that any of them are in state office.

  35. What a travesty!!! I see how tragic this is. A person tries to do the best for the “people” and you suffer consequences from a bully!!! Shame on him. Karma !

  36. How was this guy just placed in AGAIN for his 6th term??? Absolutely right that it’s in retaliation for the vaccine bill not going through. Someone has to remove him. Expose him for his criminal activities.

  37. It seems obvious to this simple bystander that Senator Sweeney is being bribed somehow by lobbyists – maybe a job for his unemployable nephew?

  38. And Sweeney, like Pan, doesnt really care if he gets voted out because he works for pharma and he is doing his assignment and they have many other opportunities for him in the future.

  39. This is clear Retaliation! How is this legal! Hostile! I am sick to my stomach over what is going on in politics and the corruption. Lord help us.

  40. This is repulsive. He refused to be a bought out political puppet and defended his position and the will of his people, and now is being harassed and bullied. Shame.

  41. Sweeney has consistently relied on mafia politics and bullying. I’m astounded that any of this is legal. He is hurting the Democratic Party. The tide is turning. There is a very large movement for change. So many Dems saying they will vote red.

    1. Definitely. I have been in the middle for years now. The more of this type of malicious behavior, funded by outside interests, the further right I lean. The Democratic party needs to get the money out of their pockets and go back to the core values they espouse but do not practice, or they’ll find themselves losing more.

  42. This is ABSOLUTE nonsense! I was in the Senate on Monday and watched this man. He is Pure EVIL. He will make all the necessary changes with the Senators and everyone that takes part in this Bill to make this work in his favor. All he wants to do is WIN!! The only way to put and end to this is to GET HIM OUT!!

  43. What a dick! More corrupt politics by a corrupt politician who is set on depriving citizens of their religious liberty. Sweeney is anti-science and anti-religion, and has zero compassion for people whose children have been permanently damaged by unsafe vaccines.

  44. How is this legal? This is dictatorship and not how democracy works. Why even have a vote if you are going to stack the deck with only those you know will vote in your favor. How apropos that Sweeney stacks the deck with Brian Stacks.

  45. I used to be a democrat…that party is dead to me now. They think they know what is best for us, be damned to the constitution and our god given rights. Lets vote this bum and all other bums that voted for this OUT!!

  46. I am disgusted with this man who we are supposed to trust to do what’s right for the people. He should be working for the People not Pharma. NJ please vote this poor excuse of a human out. What a weasel. I’d hate to know how much he has at stake if vaccines are completely mandated…all blood money. Lagana, hope the majority of NJ residents know how brave you are

  47. Sweeny is a swine! Stay strong Lagana! You did the right thing. I look forward to the day people can chase out corrupt politicians with pitch forks and torches. You remembered who you work for, thank you! Sweeny’s days in office are numbered.

  48. This skunk has hurt many union families with exact same nazi tactics should be investigated by the federal government!

  49. Hey Steve Sweeney,
    I am officially challenging you to fight me and if I win, you resign!
    If I lose, you resign! I want to put a serious beating on you and most other politicians because you are a bunch of scumbags that rape us of our hard earned money. what do you actually do! what service do you provide? none!

  50. Sweeney learned nothing from Dick Codey, constituents first not contributors. Lagana made a commitment to his constituents and stuck by it. Sweeney has little or no regard for the iron workers union he runs or his constituents. He does not have the moral commitment to be an elected official.

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